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Joe Lieberman wants a filibuster? Well, we can filibuster, too.

As far as I’m concerned, Joe Lieberman became a waste of breath the day he stood against the very same party that nominated and paid for him to run for Vice President and endorsed John McCain over Barack Obama. Not just endorsed, actually… he even advised him. I’m certain he knows this. I’m even more certain he doesn’t care, because he knows just like we do that his keepers in the securities and health insurance industries are patting him on the head and saying “Good Joe” for selling out his constituents in the state he claims to represent.

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The fact that people are dying in Neocon Joe’s state doesn’t really bother him so much, nor does the fact of people going bankrupt or without basic medicine or doctor visits, because you know, he has the money, honey. While 68% of the voters in his state support inclusion of a public option in the health care reform bill, that fact carries no weight with him, because hey — he’s got Dr. Donald Palmisano, former AMA head and chief killer opponent of the Clinton health care bill thanking him for his service to the industry tonight. Palmisano is the same guy who heads up the Coalition to Protect Patients’ Rights, the astroturf firm managed by the PR firm who handled the tobacco industry’s needs a few years back when health care reform was killed in committee.

In other words, and listen to me carefully here because I am not going to be polite, or politically correct about it —

Joe Lieberman is a murdering whore who takes lobbyists’ money to watch people die.

Here’s the deal. We can let him sell our health for 30 pieces of silver, or we can fight back. I vote for fighting, and so does J, whose mother suffers from lupus and has to fight every single day for the most basic healthcare. J is angry. So am I. He proposes a filibuster of Lieberman. Here’s how it goes:

Upon completion of this letter, on the evening of October 27, 2009, I will begin my own filibuster of Senator Lieberman. I will continue to send emails and call his office in DC relentlessly. I encourage you to do the same. Now, on his website Mr. Lieberman reminds us that he can only respond to citizens of Connecticut, due to the volume of message he receives. That’s okay, because I’m not looking for a response. That isn’t what a filibuster is about, is it? You clearly don’t want to hear us. Well, we don’t want to hear you. Despite the suggestion of Senator Lieberman, I will not take this up with my own Senators, because they aren’t the ones threatening to screw this up.

Got that? We email, fax, call, email, fax, call, email, fax, call and call and fax and email. Here’s what J is sending:



Enough is enough. It is one thing entirely to allow an up or down vote and vote against the bill. That, I expect. What I DO NOT expect is that Joe Lieberman, traitor to his own party who was allowed to come back AND maintain his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee should be allowed to stab me in the back without a price attached.

I will not send J’s message. Mine will be this one, written in my own handwriting, which I will fax to him over, and over, and over, and which I will send via snailmail to him over and over and over and over until he gets a CLUE about who he really represents.

Got it Joe? Good. Now every one of you, consider doing the same thing. Here’s the addresses and phone numbers you need.

(202) 224-4041 – Remember, we, the taxpayers pay his damn bill.

Here’s the snail mail address. He doesn’t want us to send snail mail. Too damn bad.

706 Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Email him here, or send a fax to (202) 224-9750.

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