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I’m glad I’m not President Obama

Some days, a President just can’t get a break. Dip into my Twitter stream for a sample and see what I mean. Keep in mind, I tend to follow progressives and liberals much more than Republicans and conservatives.


I’m pissed that Obamas arent taking this op 2 serve a great vegetarian meal- out of respect for Singh, at least, & op 4 consciousness-raisng


@ricksanchezcnn President Obama’s decision to send 34000 more troops to Afghanistan means he goes from next JFK to next LBJ.


Single Payer Activists to Congress: Defeat Democratic Health Bill http://rly.cc/gmLre


RT @Alvin4Community War in Afghanistan is a weight around the neck of this economy,this president, & our moral character. #stopthewar

Bill Romanos

RT @SusanThurNews: The Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan Through CIA Eyes: Lessons for the United States Today: http://bit.ly/7lbbz8


Does PHrMA fear progressives will block any health bill lacking #publicoption? Seems so: http://is.gd/52Qwj


RT @StopBeck: http://tinyurl.com/y86m6f2 | The Patriot Act sorta, kinda violates the 4th Amend. Just sayin’. http://tinyurl.com/6qlt46 #p2

Other earlier tweets in the stream have suggestions that if Obama doesn’t fix the job crisis he’s done for, that the pending decision for troops in Afghanistan makes him a one-term President, that he hasn’t arm-twisted enough on health care reform, etc.

From criticism of dinner menus to suggestions he is LBJ, all in one short tweet stream, and mostly from those who claim to be on the same side.

Criticism is great. It speaks well of liberals and progressives that they don’t feel compelled to fall into lockstep with a conformed message that is shaped by PR hacks and lobbyists.

However, when the “one term President” stuff comes up, I confess to shuddering a little bit, because after all, don’t you think he should make these decisions based on his judgment? Isn’t that what we elected him to do? To me, making the unpopular decision in the face of sure criticism is a sign of integrity, not weakness.

These days, it seems like I come off sounding like an Obama apologist. Yet, I’m really not. It’s just that if we really believe we elected someone who can fix all the crap left behind by Bush & Co, maybe it’s worth not jumping to the edge of criticism. It feels a little bit like stepping on your race horse’s foot when he’s halfway to the finish line.

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