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Astroturf Market Rises After Citizens United Ruling

In September I wrote about a scheme hatched by Carl Forti (late of the NRCC and Freedom’s Watch) to circumvent FEC disclosure rules relating to the funding of political message campaigns. Today’s Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court granting corporate entities the right to ‘free speech’ without limitation but with disclosure of any contribution in excess of $10,000 makes this FEC ruling (PDF) all the more significant.

To come around the disclosures and anonymously fund commercials and other message campaigns, all any entity need do is hire BlackRock Group to form anonymous Limited Liability Companies. Each LLC will be funded by corporate donors. Those LLCs may then broadcast an orchestrated message crafted by Blackrock Group for or against candidates or issues with no disclosure of their original source funding.

Swiftboats just became SwiftNukes.

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