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Twitter Tidbits: Scott Brown, Dawn Johnsen, Questiontime and more

There’s all sorts of little interesting stories swimming in the Twitter stream today that will likely be big stories tomorrow. Remember, you heard it here first:

  • Scott Brown wants to move up his swearing-in ceremony by a week. He’s requested that the Massachusetts certification of his election be hand-delivered to him so he can be sworn in tomorrow. Why? Because the Senate is scheduled to confirm Dawn Johnsen Craig Becker as Assistant Attorney General overseeing the Office of Legal Counsel. to the NLRB. Becker is qualified, but a union guy, and Republicans really, really hate unions. Republicans have blocked this confirmation for a year. Sending Scott Brown to the Senate a week early means a cloture vote can be blocked, and her nomination stalled some more.
  • President Obama once again highlighted GOP obstructionist tactics in his Q&A session with Senate Democrats this morning. This time he used the same description he gave to terrorists: “We hold out a hand, receive a fist in return.” Perhaps the subtlety was lost to the average viewer, but it should have resonated with them. His message to Democrats? Don’t let the terrorists win. My message? Grow a pair.
  • Senator Orrin Hatch confirms that accepted GOP policy under George W. Bush was to spend without regard to the deficit. Seems like that message should get wider play, don’t you think?
  • GOP needs women. So did Mars, back in the 60s.
  • Virginia’s State Legislature stomps its feet and says NO to any mandate for buying health insurance. California’s State Legislature says Single Payer, FTW. Congress says we’re working on it. I say, pass. the. damn. bill.
  • In Illinois, the primary race for Governor is still in doubt, GOP guns are already aimed at Democrats in the Senatorial race, and tea partiers are throwing the silverware at each other. The lesser-reported story of Illinois is that it shattered the media narratives about an apathetic Democratic base. Not that you’d know from reading the papers, since they cling to it like a pacifier. Yet, turnout among Dems was 2:1 compared to GOP turnout in a mid-term primary.

    For all the talk about the Democrats, the Republican results in Illinois are a hot mess. The real story is the division within their party. That purity test might come in handy yet.

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