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O Canada…your Olympics are amazing!

I realized I haven’t said anything about the Olympics. How can that be? The women’s figure skating competition was by far the most intense I’ve ever seen. Those skaters are incredible, and yes, I’m a marshmallow. I rooted for Joannie Rochette because it took an incredible piece of her heart and soul to lose her mother and still manage to get out on that ice and represent. Hearing her Canadian audience carry her over the rough spots was enough for me to turn into a blubbering mess.

Despite NBC’s insistence that I should watch nothing in real time, but should have to wait for a 3-hour time delay before seeing what people I talk to on Twitter every day have already seen and tried not to give away, tonight’s competition riveted me. I’ve seen Olympics where skaters fell on every second jump, but tonight was special, regardless of country, nationalism, and network hype.

I still love luge and bobsled, but remain convinced that anyone crazy enough to attempt the skeleton by hurtling down the luge track head-first probably deserves to be given a very large medal or simply deemed insane.

This Winter Olympics has been a lot of fun to watch, partly because of the talent and partly because the Canadian audiences have been wonderful and enthusiastic. It makes me want to go visit Vancouver, which is, of course, why we have these things. Right?

Any favorite moments? Don’t make me the sole marshmallow. 🙂

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