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Times like these…

First, a very cool ad running in support of the Democrats who are at risk of electoral defeat in November.

Speaking of being at risk…

…no matter how much I hope Bart Stupak loses to Connie Saltonstall in the primary, there is absolutely no excuse for this. Louise Slaughter is a fighter and a solid Representative, so it follows that she should receive these kinds of threats? Reprehensible. As if that weren’t enough, Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother’s address was posted online, resulting in a cut gas line at Perriello’s home. Meanwhile, Republicans nod earnestly and gently rebuke the wingnuts while giving them tacit permission to continue the crazy. Fellow Ohio representative Steve Driehaus has received serious threats after John Boehner’s declaration last week that a Driehaus vote for health care reform would mean he’s a ‘dead man‘ who ‘can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati’.

Continuing the crazy on the House floor, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) goes right ahead and introduces a bill to repeal health care reform, affirming his campaign platform for 2010 telling college students to pay banks 20% interest on their student loans, and the rest of us to die, and die quickly.

In tonight’s “gee, why am I not surprised?” category, Investors’ Business Daily lies and then spams Facebook with it. In response, I open the MOMocrats Complaint Department.

And yes, that is my byline on Crooks & Liars where I will also be writing. If you haven’t subscribed, do it now. A happy dance is in order. I’m thrilled to write on the very first blog I ever subscribed to.

In wonkier news, the timetable for rolling out health care reform is here (the first year, at least). Interesting to note that it’s all good things for people and their health, eh?

Meanwhile, our mainstream media continues to shred their credibility by treating RedState founder Erick Erickson like a legitimate journalist, which he is surely not. Not to be ignored, NPR has now vetted him for commentary to present ‘conservative’ arguments. Truly, this is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer for an opinion about the criminal court system. Worse, it sends a message that people who call a Supreme Court Justice a “goat f*&king child molester” speak with authoritative voices that should be heeded. The crazy, it hurts…

Finally, please watch this video as a palate cleanser after Erickson’s ugly. John Boehner meets will.i.am in “No, you can’t.”

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