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Historic Health Care Victory

Yes it is. But it’s only the beginning. I’ve argued that we had to break the pre-existing conditions barrier first to build momentum for the next step. My next step is allowing everyone to buy in to Medicare as an alternative to commercial insurance carriers with no discount, no subsidy, and no burden to the system. Alan Grayson has proposed exactly that. I’d even take his proposal a step further and suggest that an appropriate rate for a Medicare buy-in should include pre-funding future benefits and working toward a solvent and fiscally-responsible Medicare system.

This video is a great reminder of what we’ve accomplished, but it’s also a reminder of the work left to be done. We need to mobilize for 2010 and support candidates who will not undermine the work we’ve started. I’ve been supporting Tim Allison here in my district to send Elton Gallegly off to his well-deserved and unearned retirement. In 23 years living in his district, I have yet to see where he’s represented me once. It’s time for a Congressman who will.

Barbara Boxer is under a heavy challenge from well-funded candidates, including Chuck DeVore and Carly Fiorina (queen of the Demonsheep).

If you’re able, please support candidates who will work to refine and improve on what’s been accomplished thus far.