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As if there haven’t been enough words written about the iPad today, right? Expect more. It’s difficult to explain what it is that makes it such a pleasure to use, because so much of it is sensory. But beyond that, it’s just incredibly easy. Typing takes much less getting-used to than the iPhone, but if typing isn’t your thing, the Dragon dictate app does a great job of transcribing voice to text. Just copy and paste the text where you want it to go and that’s that.

The NPR app is the first one that I’ve seen where iPad’s native capabilities are fully leveraged. It’s free and worth every commercial they serve. I’m writing this on the wordpress app, which also works on the iPhone, but is far easier on the iPad. The White House site (whitehouse.gov) is optimized for iPad, right down to the live video streams and archives.

I’m still trying out Twitter apps, but so far like the TweetBrowser style where Twitter sits as an app in the sidebar.

Video and photos are beautiful, of course, but video highlights our sucky bandwidth and will probably force an upgrade at some point. Honestly, for all the hype, I don’t miss flash at all.

The only criticism I have is that setting it up involved a pretty beefy download which took a bit of time to install before I could sync it up with iTunes. But now that’s done and I am just having fun with the whole experience. I bought sketchpad pro, which hooked Ms. Dancer despite her claim that we were silly for buying these. About 2 minutes with it and she was updating her wish list.

I’ll bet some of you think she was right the first time. Here’s the challenge: go to a BestBuy or Apple Store and play. Pick it up and hold it, turn it around and put it through its paces. It won’t take long for you to start imagining the possibilities, which is exactly what makes it such an interesting device. There are two iPads in the house. We each use them in completely different ways. In both cases, we don’t view them as a substitute for our macs or our phones, but an augmentation that invites curiosity, interaction, and creativity.

Shorter iPad muse: it’s totally worth it.

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