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Where in the world is Karoli?

Digging deep into the bowels of the Internet, trying to find a few nuggets that might interest you that no one else has already reported a zillion times. But not silent. That would be unnatural. If you want to find my take on some of the more bizarro things going on in politics, I’m writing some posts for Crooks & Liars (squee!!!!) every day, and also MOMocrats, and once in awhile I still spout off about health reform over on US Health Crisis. And of course, you can find me on Twitter.

Could I be more spread around the Internet? Probably, but somewhere in there, spring happened. It’s a cold, weird spring, but lovely nevertheless. When the sun is out, I’m likely to be found outside with the iPad close by, looking for those nuggets.

Occasionally, spring invites me to get the camera, chase it down and capture it. Sometimes it lets me.

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