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In memory of CG Hayes

May 31st and June 1st are days we don’t forget in my family. Even after 39 years, there’s still the memory of what one man inflicted on our family with his random, senseless, impulsive act of violence.

If there is anything that could vindicate the crime, even after all this time, it would be for states to abandon the idea of killing criminals, even criminals who commit crimes like this.

(originally published on 6/1/2006)
In memoriam:
Allied sons and daughters lost to war : Iraq: 4,718; Afghanistan: 1,789

And today, stories of more violence. Violence in international waters against ships carrying humanitarian aid. Violence against nature as oil pours into the ecosystem of the Gulf. Verbal violence, physical violence. When I stop and remember our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq today, I will pray a prayer of peace for us all.

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