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Education reform: How?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on education reform lately, especially after the Texas School Board Fiasco.

Here’s my problem: All of my kids have gotten great educations in the public school system. They think, they read, they write, and they’re good citizens. Are there things I’d change? Yes. But I don’t necessarily see public schools as the disasters everyone else does.

So talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong with Race to the Top, what’s wrong with schools, why the teachers’ unions are being demonized and why I should support charter schools.

At this point, I really disagree with President Obama on this, and suspect his private education might be clouding reality a bit. So…tell me what I should look at, what you think are good ideas, bad ideas or better ideas.

I’ll read up and write about them from the perspective of a parent, a voter, and a wonk. I promise.

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