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PG&E buys lies in sleazy Democratic Voters Choice group slate mailer

This mailer arrived yesterday. I saved it because it appeared to be a Democratic voter guide. I had also seen this article from April warning about bogus voter guides, so I’ve been watching carefully. Check this out:

Here’s the back:

In case you can’t read the small print, it says this:

This document was prepared by Democratic Voters Choice, not an official party organization.

Look how subtle it is — quotes from JFK and FDR, a few Democratic candidates with high name recognition on the slate, and it’s really not until you get to the propositions that something smells like stinky fried fish. The Democratic slate for propositions is this:

Prop 13 – YES (Earthquake retrofits won’t trigger reassessments)
Prop 14 – NO (Open primaries result in unfair results and gamed general elections)
Prop 15 – YES (Publicly financed elections!!!!)
Prop 16 – NO (PG&E effort to shove out municipal utilities)
Prop 17 – NO (Mercury Insurance Company initiative and money grab)

Here’s the campaign finance information on Democratic Voters Choice. PG&E, via their “Californians to Protect our Right to Vote” front organization gave $100,000 on March 23, 2010. That’s four times more than the next-highest donor, Janice Hahn.

Just consider this the kind of political free speech that you’d hear if you found the biggest liar on the block and told them to tell the biggest lie.

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