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Dear President Obama, Republicans hate you and what you stand for

A reprise, originally posted on January 20, 2010, with edits to bring it up to the current time:

Dear Mr. President,

I have been one of your most vocal supporters and advocates over this the past 2 years, especially with regard to health care reform compromises you’ve made to get legislation passed. I will not stop, but you need to get this loud and clear:

Republicans hate you. They don’t just politically oppose you. They. hate. you. They will not stop at anything to stop you. They know you and those of us who supported you threaten the fundamentals of their conservative “screw you we’ve got ours” attitudes.

Listen: They want to end government. That is their goal. History shows that they want to do it by stopping it cold in its tracks.

So now I’m going to criticize you, and criticize you hard. I hope you listen to me because it is wrenching to me to have to do this, especially on a day where I’d rather be celebrating the first year of your Presidency after your “shellacking”.

Expecting Republicans to help you get health care reform anything passed is about as realistic as expecting an army of Martians to win the day in Afghanistan. Do you hear me? It will not happen because they cannot afford for it to happen. Bill Clinton’s words should serve as a warning: obstruction makes great politics and bad policy.

We elected you to get things done. Yes, we knew Congress was a problem. Unlike some, I never believed a bare 60 was a filibuster-proof majority. Nor do I believe that Olympia Snowe gives one rotten damn about anyone other than Olympia Snowe. Now you have less than that, and you’re not going to get any co-operation from the ones who are there. Not in the lame duck, and not in the new Congress.

You cannot afford to be bipartisan right now. If you do, we lose the Congress If you do, we’ll lose the Senate and most likely the Presidency. Now is the time. You either sit down and twist some arms, make some deals, horsetrade this billdo whatever you have to via a strong message to them and to us, through to your desk or else you’re kissing your Presidency goodbye along with any prospect for re-election.


Because Republicans hate you, and the longer you kid yourself by believing any bipartisan action is possible, the stronger they become. Got that? You feed the beast when you call for a further stripping-down of health care reforma compromise on tax cuts for the rich to satisfy the vultures in Congress who call themselves Americans while sticking it to any of us who don’t agree with their ideology.

We watched George Bush ram all sorts of ugly down the throat of Democrats over those last 8 years. We watched Democrats reach across the aisle. Republicans will not do the same.

This is not the time for altruism. It’s the time to grow a pair, fly the middle finger in the faces of the Republicans who have are intentionally stoppeding you from getting this health reform billanything done and DO IT.

If you won’t believe me, believe my formerly-Republican-now-independent spouse, who put it plainly when I said we’d get health care reform done: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” To his credit, your delivery on that promise put him firmly on the independent-leaning-Democrat trail.

Give him a reason to believe it keep believing. Quit playing the nice guy and get back on message. We can’t afford to wait.

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