Dear President Obama, Republicans hate you and what you stand for

by Karoli on November 4, 2010 · 31 comments

A reprise, originally posted on January 20, 2010, with edits to bring it up to the current time:

Dear Mr. President,

I have been one of your most vocal supporters and advocates over this the past 2 years, especially with regard to health care reform compromises you’ve made to get legislation passed. I will not stop, but you need to get this loud and clear:

Republicans hate you. They don’t just politically oppose you. They. hate. you. They will not stop at anything to stop you. They know you and those of us who supported you threaten the fundamentals of their conservative “screw you we’ve got ours” attitudes.

Listen: They want to end government. That is their goal. History shows that they want to do it by stopping it cold in its tracks.

So now I’m going to criticize you, and criticize you hard. I hope you listen to me because it is wrenching to me to have to do this, especially on a day where I’d rather be celebrating the first year of your Presidency after your “shellacking”.

Expecting Republicans to help you get health care reform anything passed is about as realistic as expecting an army of Martians to win the day in Afghanistan. Do you hear me? It will not happen because they cannot afford for it to happen. Bill Clinton’s words should serve as a warning: obstruction makes great politics and bad policy.

We elected you to get things done. Yes, we knew Congress was a problem. Unlike some, I never believed a bare 60 was a filibuster-proof majority. Nor do I believe that Olympia Snowe gives one rotten damn about anyone other than Olympia Snowe. Now you have less than that, and you’re not going to get any co-operation from the ones who are there. Not in the lame duck, and not in the new Congress.

You cannot afford to be bipartisan right now. If you do, we lose the Congress If you do, we’ll lose the Senate and most likely the Presidency. Now is the time. You either sit down and twist some arms, make some deals, horsetrade this billdo whatever you have to via a strong message to them and to us, through to your desk or else you’re kissing your Presidency goodbye along with any prospect for re-election.


Because Republicans hate you, and the longer you kid yourself by believing any bipartisan action is possible, the stronger they become. Got that? You feed the beast when you call for a further stripping-down of health care reforma compromise on tax cuts for the rich to satisfy the vultures in Congress who call themselves Americans while sticking it to any of us who don’t agree with their ideology.

We watched George Bush ram all sorts of ugly down the throat of Democrats over those last 8 years. We watched Democrats reach across the aisle. Republicans will not do the same.

This is not the time for altruism. It’s the time to grow a pair, fly the middle finger in the faces of the Republicans who have are intentionally stoppeding you from getting this health reform billanything done and DO IT.

If you won’t believe me, believe my formerly-Republican-now-independent spouse, who put it plainly when I said we’d get health care reform done: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” To his credit, your delivery on that promise put him firmly on the independent-leaning-Democrat trail.

Give him a reason to believe it keep believing. Quit playing the nice guy and get back on message. We can’t afford to wait.

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  • muhajabah

    You might want to read what he actually said in the big interview today:

    People are flying off the handle over poorly sourced rumors and gossip, and making sweeping statements when we really all ought to take a few deep breaths.

    There is this belief that Obama is somehow naive, that he doesn’t know the Republicans are determined to destroy him. I very much doubt that this is the case.

    However, the fact remains that the options for getting anything through the Senate right now are limited. Reconciliation can only be used for a few issues, and it comes with a lot of conditions and restrictions (see ). Making the Republicans talk for hours is not actually a workable option (see ). About the only other option IS to look for Olympia Snowe or another Republican who might be persuaded to support a particular initiative. I expect Obama to keep looking for every possible avenue to succeed.

    And as for healthcare reform, right now, most of the House Democrats are saying they will not vote for the Senate bill. If they stick to that, the bill is dead and there is no choice but to try something different and to explore every possible option to get at least something out of this.

    I think you get a lot of this, and I usually agree with almost everything you write, but I don’t agree with you here.

  • Anonymous

    I personally think that at this point, all the Republicans can do is frill the media. My point: articles such as these:

    Then again… I could be wrong.


  • Smack MacDougal


    You amuse. Your childish view about U.S. politics should make anyone laugh if you weren’t so serious and so wrong.

    Republicans are Collectivists, same as Democrats. Republicans love and worship Big Government same as Democrats. Both Democrats and Republicans stand together on the same side of politics — they’re collectivists of Officialdom who hate individualists of Freedom.

    You ought to quit writing about politics, Karoli, because you are clueless. Instead, spend your time reading Plato’s Republic. Discover his eugenicist, collectivist utopian wet dream.

    Come to see truth, that since Ancient Greeks, collectivists in whatever cloak they want to disguise themselves — socialism, communism, feudalism, fascism, corporatism, militarism — always seek to round up individualists, collectivize them, skim off the top; and to maintain power, reward their ignorant, low IQ supporters with welfare and reward their muscle — their soldiers — with enemies and weapons.

  • Kyle Sellers

    Hmmm… I guess I'm a little confused as to how it was “Republican hate” that stopped the realization of the health care utopia that you've dreamed about. I look at the numbers, and it seems like Democrats were the ones who were having a hard time being won over.

    And what was the “ping-pong” strategy, which replaced the conference committee and completely shut out the Republicans? It seems to me like Obama is already heeding your advice. The last 6 to 9 months have been 100% about Democrats, and the lack of support from the left.

    Don't worry Karoli, Obama isn't trying for bipartisanship, nor has he for quite some time (if ever). The reason the Democrats caved to Bush was that they were not unified, and they caved to their constituencies. And that is the same reason that health care hasn't passed–the Democrats may have had a super majority, but they are not unified, and they know that their constituencies do not support this bill.

  • Karoli

    Kyle, you do not accommodate people who fly the finger in your face and say they will 'take you down' with health care reform. Brown was touted as the 41st vote against. the filibuster-maker. Fine. The time for negotiating is done. There is no question in my mind that Republicans will stick a knife in his back while flying the bird in the face of the public. Brown voters supported the public option. They supported health care reform. YES. they did. That election is no excuse to start playing fuck the democrats games with republicans.

  • Kyle Sellers

    But, there is no accommodation taking place. How is Obama accommodating Republicans? He's not throwing them a bone, nor do they expect him to. When is the last time that a Republican got offered a $100 billion earmark to gain a vote? Last I checked, it was Nelson and Landrieu getting the vote buyouts, not Republicans.

    Like I said, I think Obama's already taken your advice. But he did it months ago.

  • meatman80

    I think its very unfair and accusatory to generalize that all republicans hate president obama. Such sweeping, mean statements are damaging to our political dialog. We need to be more diplomatic, not divisive. Dont you agree?

    Also — you say that republicans want to end government (another sweeping statement). Surely you cannot mean that in the sense that anarchists want no government? Might I remind you of the great expansion of government under multiple republican presidents (regan, bush, gw bush). The war on terror, the patriot act, the creation of the tsa and homeland security, the military commissions act, the bailout of 2008, etc. etc. — this is hardly ending government, in fact it the biggest expansion of it we have ever seen.

    Clearly republican policy has been to expand government, not end it.

  • jazzguyal

    I agree, I hope this type of thinking makes its way to the Administration. Winning has consequences, one of which is delivering for the electorate. The citizens of America are more important than bi-partisanship, one is a footnote to the legacy of the PotUS, the other put the PotUS in office.

  • Sinfonian

    Brava. The president has been accommodating Republicans by watering down an issue on which, in large part, he was elected. He continually has refused to push back when Republicans hammered him and the entire concept of health care reform. The fact that weak-ass Democrats joined those Republicans is irrelevant — the salient point is that there are 51 votes for meaningful health care reform, and the more President Obama asserts himself and behaves in a way that the people who elected him expect, the more likely his reelection chances…

  • LJSearles

    All Obama and the left have done is tried to accommodate the right. That it why we now have such a watered down piece of shit health care bill.

    Having said that, i hardly think that the Republicans are to blame. The Democrats only have themselves to blame for the shit storm they are in with Health Care Reform. Corporate interests have won out. Democratic and blue dog Senators and Members who are more interested in lining their own pockets in an effort to get re-elected. I actually think that they would have been better off with a 5 seat majority and as Howard Fineman suggested tonight on TRMS, force up and down votes on issues. Like he said, GWB would have had this done already.

  • LJSearles

    The issue isn't so much that the Republicans “hate” Obama. The point being made is that no one in the GOP is going to reward any efforts the left make to compromise their legislation with any supportive vote. That much is abundantly clear.

    It is however becoming necessary to use such language as “hate” to try and get that message into the heads of those that matter.

    I think you are misunderstanding the “end Government” comment. They don't want to end it so much as bring it to a grinding halt.

  • Lori

    “All Obama and the left have done is tried to accommodate the right.”

    How silly. Obama didn't need the right to pass anything… until Tuesday, the Democrats had the majority and they didn't need the right to pass a single bit of legislation. The bottom line is that the Democrats cannot unite, the far left and the blue dogs cannot agree. Has nothing to do with Republicans — your blame is misdirected.

  • LJSearles

    You need to re-read my comment. You've completely misunderstood it.

  • So Sad

    I love it. Karoli you have shown your true colors again. I began following your blog when you commented on the “Bite the Finger that Feeds You Incident”. That one made me laugh as you thought you were portraying yourself as the Sweet Polly Purebread Democrat who just happened along a tussle between your innocent defenseless Brother Democrat who had no choice but to bite the finger off of the Big Bad Repub (over 65 senior citizen) only after your Brother Democrat crossed the street and began badgering the Big Bad Repub.

    Now you use inflammatory headlines that Rebuplicans 'Hate' Obama, and don't want any government, drop the F Bomb a few times, etc.

    I think it's time you take your own advice and talk to yourself with your “Mom Voice”. You know the one you've threatened to use on those who don't agree with big government take over and control that you ascribe to.

    Or, maybe you should look at the facts, see that it was in fact the Dem's who did not get Obamacare passed and try to understand why. If you listen to the people of America, you will find valid reasaons that many of us do not want to be taxed to pay for health costs that will cause our economy to run in the red. There are other ways of controlling costs other than government killing our economy.

    See, I'm a of a different political persuassion than you and I didn't say anything about hating Obama, because I don't hate Obama. I didn't say anything about ending “all Government”, because I don't propose that idea. I don't ascribe to the 'screw you we've got ours' mentality you listed in your blog, because I don't live like that.

    Seems like another Karoli tantrum to me….

  • Ivan

    I am a lifetime Republican and I like President Obama as do most Republicans. We simply do not agree on policy issues.

  • maurice

    the I look at it eveyone do not like President Obama period,but it were all when Reagan cut out programs to help the poor and the needy We did not like his policies, we live 20 years combine under republican rule. At least under President Obama watch he trying give some hope where people feel part of this country, without anyone going out with their guns and knives to rob somebody of there money, then ya'll wanted to know Detroit is so bad. There aren't any jobs in michigan, every Republicans in office whether be in the Whitehouse or in the state of Michigan did not wanted help the in Detroit especially black people, no one here looking for a handout, the unemployment benefits and extensions we work for that money now all of the sudden its a handout and cost to much, but have enough money fights wars in which no fault of President Obama, No one all over this country can't seem to get over that a black man won a presidental election ,because so use to see him as a drunk,thug, oa drug dealer, otherwise his progams would have been push through,now you have teapartyers and all kinds of inaccurate polls saying he dropping because no one like his policies, but never object to what President Reagan,Bush,and Bush's son have done. But everybody hates this man's policies,well you get ya'll chance in 2012 and I hope ya'll fail!!

  • byrd

    I hope the crybabies teapartyers get what they want in 2012, Their Republican President SO STUPID, at least who did not like Reagan policies did not cry!!!!!

  • maurice

    what are you talking about, ya'll hate President Obama period,and just want him out of office so meatman80 is right, because none of the republicans do not help the middle class period and it not be big government if the Republicans stop sending jobs overseas and spending trillions of dollars on wars. Being in everyones country. being everyone business.

  • maurice

    What policies you want to have, keep the rich folks rich to keep money in there pocket,and taking it out mouths of hard working people who have mouths to feed their children?

  • stan

    these people on this blog are hopeless, no wonder they loss Obama



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  • Arrgh Paine

    While I cannot completely disagree, I cannot in good conscience advocate the behavior of George W. Bush is THIS president for any political advancement, to do so would finally and forever cede the political field of battle to hate, fear and spin, truth, honor and integrity will no longer have a voice, a voice that desperately needs a podium.

  • Karoli

    I don’t disagree with you about behavior. But there is no reason to believe any compromise is possible. It isn’t. Clinton compromised and look at the cost…DADT is biting Democrats in the ass, along with NAFTA .

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  • Sandra Jarrett-Lance

    Dear President Obama,
    I voted for you and would vote for you again! I can’t believe the mess you took over and are trying to fix. The Republicans have been donkeys and I really credit you for not blowing a fuse.
    Thank you for supporting the extension of unemployment benefits. It’s pretty stressful here in western Colorado too-my husband, a Civil Engineer, has been unemployed for over a year. He recently took the P.E. exam to become more marketable. He served 20 years in the Marine Corps and retired as a Major. He has sent hundreds of resumes in/out of state. We were making it, then I lost my job in October 2010. If the benefits are not extended, we will loose our house as we can’t make it on my unemployment benefits. I can not afford COBRA health insurance, my husband is covered by the VA. I am trying to see if I can get something through the VA as well. We are not supposed to get coverage until age 60.
    We applied last week to receive training in Alternative Energy through the workforce center. You are on the right track, the economy will improve through green jobs but it won’t happen overnight and you never promised it would!
    If South Korea will not sell our cars, maybe we should not sell their cars?? Or add an import tax that is prohibitive until they get the message-or charge them for using our military? Just some ideas…
    P.S. Nancy Pilosi spending $20,000.00 of taxpayer money each way to travel home is completely inappropriate, especially with the deficit! Get on a commercial aircraft-the money saved could fund several jobs!
    Sandra Jarrett-Lance

  • W in WI

    Pres Obama is 50% white, 12% Black and the rest Arab. There are many Black men who could have been voted in as President who were very qualified. Pres Obama is a white man plus other as are most Americans who are not 100% White.

  • Wgsides

    Democrats are and have been in charge for a very long time. The far left and Democrats have a problem with hating all Republicans. Pres Obama has a problem with all who disagree with him. If he had more experience before running for President I believe he could have done much better. It is sad there is so much hate for those who do not agree with the President. I have to listen to Fox to hear much of the news which goes unreported on other news programs. There is a real hate problem in America. The Democrats shut out the Republicans and passed everything they could think of while ignoring all others. The President forgets he is the President of all Americans not just those who agree with him. We need to start all over with a new President and a new Congress, both Democrat and Republicans. None are for all Americans.

  • Win WI

    All people deserve to keep their money and give to whomever they please. We are not here for the rich to give us what they have. It is wrong to steal from others to have more for yourselves. Who decides who can keep their money and how much? How would you like the govt to take what you have and give it to others, esp. those who will not work? It is wrong to want what others have. People want things given to them and that is wrong. I would like to have more but we are not all going to be the same or have the same. I would like more but trying to make rich people give their money to others or the govt taking it to give to others is wrong. Every man deserves what he has earned.

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