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A call for help

Here’s a truth about life online: Conservative bloggers with halfway decent writing styles and the correct content are routinely supported by conservative organizations through ads purchased on sites, networking, and even book deals in some cases. Liberal bloggers depend on the kindness and generosity of readers to put groceries in their refrigerators and gas in their tanks. Really lucky ones who work night and day like dogs might even earn enough ad revenue to sustain a minimal living standard, but that’s more the exception than the rule.

Matt Osborne is one of those exceptional voices out there who is not even barely scraping by on ad revenue. It keeps his site hosted and his domain registered, but it doesn’t pay for him to drive to places like the School of the Americas to document ongoing protests there, or to take the time to write an extraordinary analysis about the weapon of fear in politics. It doesn’t pay for his perspective as a disabled veteran, nor his knowledge of what it means to serve in a war zone. It doesn’t pay for his passion, or his intellect, nor his gift of sharing that passion and intellect with the rest of us.

Simply put, Matt’s voice cannot and should not go silent. Yet, that is what may happen. If he cannot earn enough to put food on the table or gas in his tank, his voice will be lost.

So I am asking you all for a favor. Please go to his blog. Read some posts there, watch his videos. And if you can, please make a donation to help him meet his very modest goal of $1,200 to allow him to continue trying to build the blog for another six months.

We, the people, can do right by those who give us the gift of their intellects, expertise, and time. We may not have liberal blog funding machines, but we have extraordinary readers with generous hearts. Please, if you can, help Matt. If you’re as broke as he is, consider giving him some ad clicks as an alternative. As one commenter on his site said:

Our side, at least institutionally, ain’t worth a tinker’s dam when it comes to supporting those who support it. Nope. It falls to ordinary folks like you and me to keep work like Matt’s alive. I’m poor as a churchmouse and broker than the ten commandments, but I’m pitching in, and I challenge you to do the same. It all adds up, after all. 

Think about it: Matt’s trying to raise a pissant $1200 in 31 days. If our side can’t do THAT, our side DESERVES to lose, because it means we’re not really willing to fight. As he’s noted, Matt’s not trying to get rich. He’s actually trying to get poor, because “poor” is a rung up the ladder from stone, cold BROKE.

Matt and I actually grew up literally a block from each other in a Brigadoon-ish little town far from the interstates in a forgotten corner of northwest Alabama. The place we come from has given birth to poets, visionaries, musicians and world-shakers. Maybe it’s in the water. Whatever, Matt Osborne has all the tools to add his name to that town’s roster of difference-makers. He won’t be able to do it, though, if he puts down his keyboard to pick up a smock and clerk at the local RippyMart. 

 Thanks to you all for your comments, insights, arguments, and generosity.

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