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Some days, all you can do is pray

I’ve spent my day following and updating the story on the shooting in Arizona that killed Judge John Roll and five others (including a 9-year old child), leaving Representative Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition with a gunshot wound to her head.  This is Keith Olbermann’s special comment tonight, which followed a press conference with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dubnik where he called the violent political rhetoric of late out as a large part of the problem. Keith’s pledge is simple enough: Repudiate violent language and speech, whether your own or someone else’s.

Nearly a year ago I wrote about my fears that the rhetoric was going to erupt in violence against the President. Instead, the first volley is against a representative of the United States Congress after a week where the term “killing” was applied to everything from health insurance reform to financial industry regulation. The usual actors were out there doing their best to stir up anger and flames. Every day I get emails from Tea Party Nation using words like “regime” to describe the Obama presidency. Those words take a toll. They tip unbalance too far sometimes.

It’s time to stop it. It’s time to stop, and say a prayer for the parents of a nine-year old girl killed before she had a chance to live, and the pastor, who laid across his wife to shield her from the bullets. It’s time to stop and just pray for some peace, moderation, and responsibility.

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