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New Year, New Design, New Paradigm

Scattered. That describes my online life to a T. Here, there, over there, and everywhere with no center.

Two things inspired some radical changes to this blog. First, my frustration that my web presence is scattered all over the place with no place to call home. Important posts and information sit on lists but never get shared because there just isn’t enough time to write some big post on them, and often a big post shouldn’t be written anyway. Twitter is great for the rapid-fire thought or conversation but sometimes there is more that can and should be said to expand the thought. This is especially true in situations where people misinterpret my 140 character musing. It happens far too often.

My second reason sounds morbid, but it’s really not. Basically, I want to be able to consolidate my photos, work, writing, and thoughts in one place where they can be archived when I die, so that people aren’t guessing about who I was or what I thought about things when they update the family tree 100 years from now. This comes from my own genealogy research, where I can place names on a family tree, but not anything about who those people were. Digging back into family letters helps some, but I think it’s important to have my own thoughts left behind.

So, there are changes. Photos will once again be posted here regularly. I will be doing more short-form posts with links and a quick comment, in a more tumblr-like fashion. Most long-form posting will be on Crooks and Liars, but I expect there will be some here, too.

Probably the biggest change is my decision to remove all ads from the site. I was tired of living inside the design constraints for them, tired of the clutter, and tired of the content restraints they imposed. Those constraints were not terrible by any stretch, but they were still constraints I wasn’t interested in having anymore. By removing them I was able to drop the third rail on the right, expand the right sidebar, only include items that might interest visitors, and leave the visual portion to blog content rather than a zillion ad widgets.

That makes me feel free. Unconstrained. Free to say whatever I want. I like that.

However, I did make a small bit of money from the ads. Not enough to feed the family, but a little bit. So I’ve put a donation button on the bottom of the right sidebar as a way for you to donate if you want to, and only if you want to. It will always be there. If I write something or post something that you appreciate or think is worthy, feel free to donate. I won’t be asking you to, but the invitation is there if you want to.

I like this new direction. It makes me feel like I have a home again instead of a rental unit. Hopefully you will, too.

Oh, one last thought. There are many ways to read this blog. The design is iPad/tablet compatible. It’s also designed to work on smartphones. You can subscribe on your Kindle via Amazon. And of course, there’s still the good old fashioned RSS feed. Many roads, one destination.

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