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What bubble do 52% of Americans live in?

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Feb. 2-7, 2011 among 1,385 adults, finds that nearly half (48%) say they have heard a lot about the anti-government protests in Egypt; about the same proportion (52%) reports hearing little or nothing.

via Public Uncertain About Effect of Egypt Protests on U.S. – Pew Research Center.

Really, there’s not much excuse for hearing “little or nothing” about them when even Fox News is covering them. It would appear that Charles Franklin told the truth just after last years’ midterms (h/t Twitter user Bryon592)

So Franklin answered with considerable authority when he was asked, at a recent forum on the November 2 election results, why Republicans emerged victorious in so many races.  “I’m not endorsing the American voter,” Franklin said.  “They’re pretty damn stupid.”

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