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Doc Searls: Cast Locally, Stream Globally.

Here’s a great idea for local TV news departments: start streaming, 24/7/365, on the Net. You don’t need to have first-rate stuff, and it doesn’t all have to be live. Loop fifteen minutes of news, weather and sports to start. Bring in local placeblog and social media volunteers. Whatever it takes: you figure it out.  Just make it constant, because that’s what TV was in the first place, and that’s what it will remain after the Internet finishes absorbing it, which will happen eventually. Now’s the time to get ahead of the curve.

via Doc Searls Weblog · Cast locally, stream globally.

Couldn’t agree more with that, or with his comments about Al Jazeera, who is doing just that. Not sure what I’d do without them to keep me current on the Middle East.

Blogging will be light this week, but if we’re all lucky, there will be whale photos.

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