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I hate stories like this

via BlogHer, the story of a 4-year old being kicked out of preschool:

In mid February my daughter started talking about the costumes for the spring performance. But she also started talking about how she isn’t going to get a costume because she’s “bad” and doesn’t listen.


This brings us to last week. Tuesday morning, I asked my husband to ask the preschool director about the costumes because my daughter brought it up with enough frequency that I was growing concerned. Moreover, this was going to be my daughter’s final performance at this school as she is “graduating” this year, so I really wanted her to have a costume this time looking back through photographs of earlier performances confirmed that she’d NEVER worn a costume during her uneventful three and a half year tenure at this school.

Imagine my surprise when my husband confirmed my daughter’s words. I was expecting to hear that my four year old had simply misinterpreted something, but no. The school assigns costume for an April performance based on behavior NOW. I immediately called the director for further clarification and discussion.

It was a terrible phone call. It quickly became a “kitchen sink” argument; all centered on the fact that my daughter IS, in fact, BAD. My daughter doesn’t listen. She misses the lesson because she talks. She played with the plunger in the bathroom. She played on the stairs. She tried to go up the back stairs instead of the front stairs once. She draws on the back of her lessons. She sings. She talks. She dances.

Last week while we were away, Ms. Dancer was given an award by the local Optimists’ club here for achievement in fine art. She sings. She dances. She draws on her homework. Her history teacher likes her little sketches enough to ask her to draw her newest tattoo, which she did and which is now beautifully imprinted on her teacher’s arm. No one calls her bad for loving her life.

Calling a 4-year old kid “bad” because they dance, sing, play, and draw on their lessons is just wrong. It’s so wrong it makes  me cry in the bottom of my soul. Who are we if we think it’s wrong for little kids to find joy in their world?

I hope Ms. Dancer always dances, sings, and spins around for joy in what she sees. I hope she always sees colors when she reads. I hope she finds an artistic voice and uses it to make this world a little more colorful, more playful, more joyful.

Why on earth would anyone, least of all the director of a private preschool, call a four-year old child “bad”?

These things break my heart.

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