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Meet the “Other” (Kenneth) Bradley Manning

I would like to introduce you to the “other” Bradley Manning. Actually, his name is Kenneth Bradley Manning, and he has one helluva mugshot.

Kenneth Bradley Manning was arrested in April, 2010 when he left the scene of a stabbing. A high speed chase ensued which resulted in deputies chasing him down and arresting him after he crashed a stolen car. He didn’t look real good when they took his picture.

Now why do I care that you know about this guy, Kenneth Bradley Manning? Because there’s a bunch of blogs out there using this mugshot and calling it a picture of Private Bradley Manning who is being detained for allegedly turning over classified information to Wikileaks. Here are just a few that I found, and I’ve kept screenshots just in case they decide to pull down the photos without any explanation or retraction.

Please understand. This is not a post opining about Pvt. Bradley Manning’s treatment, his detention, or anyone else’s opinion of his treatment or detention. But if you’re going to get outraged and shake your fists over it, at least do it with facts instead of taking a mugshot of a dude who clearly is NOT Private Bradley Manning and trying to say it’s an “After” photo of him. Before anyone tries to slam me with the lame excuse that posting a photo of the “other Bradley Manning” in a post about Private Bradley Manning doesn’t mean they’re presenting it as a ‘before or after’ photo, I offer this evidence, which is how these photos appear on one of the posts listed above:

I understand that Manning’s detention is a flashpoint among the left. But that anger is now being exploited to pimp New Age bullshit conspiracy theories and other agendas, and this dishonest presentation of “Bradley Manning, Before and After” does nothing but harm their case. It is not any different than James O’Keefe editing a video to leave out key phrases in order to make an NPR executive look bad, or to take down ACORN. Bad enough when the right uses this tactic, but worse when the left uses and falls for it.

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