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Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

When I’m watching 60 Minutes and the “Special Report” graphic comes on but they don’t break in while 6 different news services simultaneously push information to me that says President Obama is about to make a statement at 8:00 PDT on a Sunday night, I can only tell you every nerve was on edge. It was an eerily shaky moment for me. It shouldn’t have been.

Of course,  the cable channels were leaking it all before his statement, and Twitter was ablaze with tweets flying a mile a minute speculating, and carrying an occasional factual nugget. But here’s what really interested me: a real-time stream from someone living in Abbotabad accidentally live-tweeting events as they unfolded, timestamps and all. 

Remarkable to read it after the fact in conjunction with the president’s statement, isn’t it? Andrew Sullivan was live-blogging tonight’s events with his own commentary and had this video in his liveblog — a portent of things to come, I’d say.

The New York Times 7-page obituary for Bin Laden is here, and in case you’re worried about why he was buried at sea so soon after they got him, here’s an explanation. However, I’m certain that will not keep conspiracy theorists from speculating that he was actually dead for months and it was just announced during tonight’s episode of The Apprentice to annoy Donald Trump, as if Donald Trump is worth giving a second thought to.

During the celebration I noticed Jason Calacanis posting some interesting photos too:

This one’s my favorite:

The next time you hear the president say he has more important things to do than worry about conspiracy theories and birth certificates…


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