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Where Ms Dancer Rants About Year-Round School

Her father had the audacity to link up this post on Facebook with the admonition not to let her see it. LOL. Here is her response:

“Why are we still giving them the summer off?”
Perhaps because our mental and emotional well being has a higher priority than our test scores?
But apparently our intellect is based around test scores and how well we can regurgitate information doncha know.

And why do they think it’s the time in school that’s making us “fall behind”? Perhaps the focus should be quality not quantity. Maybe we should focus a little more on funding for schools and learning materials, or eliminating the restrictive “standards” that really just shove a couple generic skeleton facts in our mouth only to be spit back out when CSTs come along.
Cause remember, those test scores REALLY determine how much we’ve learned *cough*-memorized-*cough*.
Those test scores that still give step by step instructions on how to tear out an perforated insert on the front page. 
You’d think there would be more of a focus on developing independent minds, problem solving abilities and critical thinking. Naw, that’d be too logical. Then we wouldn’t be sheep. baa-aaaah!!! :3

Perhaps instead of reevaluating the amount of time in school its time to reevaluate the way we’re forced to learn and the way the state requires teachers to teach.

“Since when did chanting “We’re No. 25!” become acceptable?”
Awesome, you’ve DEFINITELY got your priorities straight haven’t you? Focusing on our country’s “place” versus the education of your children. Absolutely brilliant. *applause*

“We’re wallowing in mediocrity. And our kids don’t even know it.”
You know what we’re wallowing in? We’re wallowing in a country that only cares about the bottom line. Where we care more about test scores then the legitimate education of the children. People are so caught up in the destination that they can’t even see the journey and you’re missing SO much along the way. Your child has to be in sports, clubs, extracurricular, AP classes, etc. because THAT is what will get you into a good university, THAT is what will get you the best job. What about being happy!?
I’m not saying clubs and sports and AP classes and universities are bad, of course not. I’m saying the emphasis and the reason why they’re emphasized so much is the problem. 
Shouldn’t we be learning because we want to learn? Shouldn’t we be learning because we want to further our education?
But that’s not the case. We learn what we’re told to because without it we apparently will be failures who wont get into that college or wont get a good job or wont get paid enough for the job we do. In essence without all these prerequisites we will be societal failures.
It’s just so ridiculous. What about experience? What about being happy? What about learning and growing and fully soaking in all parts of your life instead of having extreme anxiety and stress by the time you’re in high school??
People get tutors and books and spend hours studying for the SAT’s as if they’re the end of the world. A majority of the high school kids I know, including myself, get an average of 6 hours of sleep or less. Why? because of sports and clubs and advanced classes. 

But that’s not good enough apparently. Apparently we’re not no. 1, and that ladies and gentlemen, is unacceptable. Unacceptable indeed.

For the author to have the audacity to suggest the apparent inadequacy of my education should be solved by taking away the one stress free part of my year to be replaced with more school makes me pretty furious. [If you couldn’t tell]

Jee. They make it sound like we turn into giant potatoes and go rot when summer comes around too. As if I didn’t already have summer homework. Wait, that’s right. A paper on world literature, the reading and annotation of three books and memorization of 100 SAT vocab words all on my supposed break makes me so lazy. I forgot. But that’s just English, don’t worry there’s more. :3

The worst part? Summer is the one time of year where I don’t have to put off other parts of my life. Who can really count how many ideas, artistic, writing or whatever are lost in the chaos, stress and time crunch of school. They get pushed back with a promise of “I’ll do it when I have time” only to fade away into a corner of lost thought and opportunity. Our full artistic potential and expression is lost amongst a clutter of homework, projects and expectation. It’s actually kind of sad how much of ourselves and our ideas are repressed or unable to flourish as they choke beneath a haze of work and stress.

Grades..test scores..SAT’s..rank. Is that really so important? Is that really what we need to be focusing on?
When you see things from a greater perspective it’s just such a nonentity. There’s **so** much bigger problems to be solved. There’s also so much more to be taken from this time in our lives. Our view is so warped and so out of focus. It’s..really sad. 

Thank you education system. You already stamp your name all over my test scores, brainwash me into thinking grades are your future and then threaten me truant for a week absent of school. 
Wake up early, stay up late. Take away my one long break? (ha, Dr Suess status right there.) Naw, that’s not gonna fly. 

Erm. Not that you necessarily asked my opinion or anything >_>..

He probably picked a terrible time to post this. She just finished the SAT, a dance recital, is getting ready for IB individual oral presentations, wrapping up her art projects for IB art where she had to rush them to meet the deadline instead of doing what she wanted with them, all while learning how to drive and occasionally sleeping. So yeah…she was a little aggravated. 😀

In case you don’t want to read the full rant, here’s the short version, which she posted right underneath this one:

short version: this article sucks.

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