I was going to rant

by Karoli on May 31, 2011 · 6 comments

But you know, I’m just sick of it all. Truly sick of it. There’s bunch of lunatics and liars out there, full of hubris and venom.  And those are just the ones taking aim at my friends

This is why I used to write under a pseudonym and probably should have continued to. There are always awful people like Lee Stranahan and Jim Hoft ready to shit on women in order to fulfill their petty little fantasies and collect the paycheck from Big Dick Breitbart. They’re not the only ones, but they’re the ones I’m naming today. I’ll save the ones who bully me while claiming to be big first amendment lovers for another day.

It’s enough to make one leave the internet for good, because I’ve never been a big believer in Karma. I think some people are just evil and get to be, for whatever reason. They’re so evil that they really never get that Karmic payback, mostly because they’re too self-absorbed and self-centered to understand what is happening to them so they just wah, wah, wah while they wreck other people’s lives and reputations. Not surprisingly, the majority of those caught in the crossfire are women.

Disgusting. Every last one of you, including this dickwad pretending to be a woman named “Louise Thurber.” Hey Louise, take your good buddy Thelma and ride off into the sunset on the ass-end of a shotgun. Please.

  • http://twitter.com/BlueTrooth Rich Baska

    All I can say is there are more and more reasonable people entering into the human network. We can’t let the Stranahans and the Breitbarts, or even the semi-anonymous Thurbers to run roughshod over our collective domain. I suspect you are simply venting and that’s healthy. If you are looking for support, you have it. Not only from my lone voice in the wilderness, but from many. I see it daily. I appreciate what you do and it reinforces my belief in the good that exists. That goes for Shoq as well and he already knows that from our correspondence. In some respects, I want to say it’s a “war”, but it really isn’t. It’s more a test of will and a test of character. And we, the liberals, have a clear advantage when it comes to character. We may disagree on particular issues, but the intent is always clear in that we promote humanity and decency. In another word, character. Don’t ever “leave” and don’t ever hide. We have a legacy to leave our children and a big part of it will be an open and honest internet, our collective conscience, that is dominated by what is “good”.

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  • http://extremeliberal.wordpress.com/ Extreme Liberal

    Amen, Karoli.

  • http://kmilyun.com kmilyun

    Proud to call you a friend.

  • http://www.drumsnwhistles.com/ Karoli

    Likewise. :) And if they bug you too, I’ll come and rant on your behalf. :D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TMNLQEFW4DLIBS5V6CFU6DOVW4 bmull

    Your friend is the premier hatemonger on the left. He picks fights and ridicules people to draw attention to himself. It’s narcissism cloaked as politics. No wonder people are stalking him. They want to confront him personally, but they can’t because he’s tweeting from a secure, undisclosed location apparently living off an inheritance with nothing to lose. All I can say is everybody defriend him and the blogosphere will be a better place.

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