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Escher's thumbtacks

After my previous post, I’m not sure I have anything creative left to say, but I am determined to help my friend and novelist Jane Devin raise the funds she needs to promote her book.

Oddly, she mentioned that bloggers could write about thumbtacks and it would become a meme…and so this was born:

I’m betting we have a community that can take a theme as banal as thumbtacks and come up with a collection of blog posts that are witty, entertaining and pretty darn exciting to read. Heck, we may even learn a thing or two about thumbtacks. I’m dang sure we’ll see some confessions for which the statute of limitations has long expired.

And to sweeten the pot just a little (and ease my guilty conscience for stealing her idea) for every #letsblogoff post published on Tuesday, Sept 13, my corporation will donate $10 to Jane’s Kickstarter fund. (Feel free to make your own donation… and buy her book Elephant Girl. It is amazing.)

So I admit to the LetsBlogOff community and the rest of you that this post is a cheap effort to participate without having to draw any more emotional or intellectual anything out of myself…sometimes a picture speaks what the head and heart cannot.

Many thanks to Flickr user theilr for reaching in and being so creative with thumbtacks. I promise, Jane, I’ll do better next time.

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