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Michelle Goldberg Explains Populist Political Influence

Dedicated to the lefties out there who think not voting is somehow the answer to making the Democratic Party more “left”, via The Daily Beast.

Paying attention to Republicans is a good thing, too. There’s a battle royale right now in the ranks of the Republican party and it’s pushing them farther right with each passing day. Despite their soaring rhetoric over personal responsibility, low taxes, etc, most Americans disagree with the fundamental planks of the far-right platform, particularly with regard to social conservativism and the social safety net. That’s not stopping them from forging ahead.

Ultimately it will not serve the Republican party well. Already the ideologues are driving approval for Congress to record low levels. Watch this video to see Sally Kohn, a strong, reasonable liberal play out what Congress looks like on national television.

Goldberg’s analysis is spot-on. If you want to change political direction, you don’t exit the system. You play inside it.

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