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To @rickwarren: Quit watching Fox News. Show some leadership.

This tweet was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. It’s nothing more than an echo of one of the favored Fox News memes, as if no other President in history has ever read a speech from a teleprompter (note the spelling…Fox News can make your brain cells fry.)

More that that, it’s a coded, snarky way to say that our President isn’t as smart as he is. It’s Sean Hannity-level snarkage, aimed at people who delight in personal attacks on others over petty issues.

It’s not a very Christian way to behave, is it? Would Jesus have ridiculed Ronald Reagan for using a teleprompter? Yes, Reagan was an actor, but he was also President of these United States for eight years, and yes, he read speeches from a teleprompter.

You know why teleprompters are great? Because they allow the speaker to connect with the audience by making at least some eye contact. On the other hand, reading from a notebook of typed pages means the speaker is looking down at his notes instead of at those he’s speaking to. Or is reading from notes considered ‘speaking from conviction’?

The featured video on Saddleback’s home page has you looking at notes at about 39 seconds in, before you’ve even really started. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I’ve seen enough of your messages to know you use different tools for similar purposes to those who use teleprompters.

Still, I would never, ever, ever suggest you weren’t a leader because you used notes. Never.

Why don’t you make arrangements to follow through with your promise to talk to me about your apparent need to slam this President in public with Fox talking points? I’m here. I’ve been here. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait.

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