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RIP, Andy Griffith

I know I have seen every episode of The Andy Griffith Show at least twice. No one in my generation grew up without it. Ron Howard, Don Knotts, and Andy were not only weekly fixtures but you could catch all of the reruns on the local station. We learned to whistle to the theme song, we grew up with Opie, and laughed at all of the strange plot twists that our favorite characters found themselves in.

Today another little piece of my childhood is gone. I forget that my kids have no clue about who Andy Griffith is, or why I care. Ron Howard is a grownup to them, not a freckle-faced kid who played the son of a country sheriff.

You will be missed, Andy, but not forgotten. I will not forget that you also did your part to ease seniors’ concerns about the Affordable Care Act, either. It was one of your finest, and final acts.

[h/t Democratic Underground]

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