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Irony, oh sweet irony…

A money manager in a green Jeep said it was time for Romney to "up his game and be more reactive." So far, said the donor, who declined to give his name because he said it would hurt his business, Romney has had a "very timid offense."

via Protesters raise cloud of sand as Romney raises $3 million in N.Y. – latimes.com.

Got that? An anonymous $25-$50K donor who won’t be identified because it could bounce back on his business (the oligarchs don’t like critics), has no problem speaking to the LA Times about Romney’s timidity.

I happen to agree that Romney is a spineless bowl of jelly, but there’s just too much delicious irony in that paragraph to ignore.

Oh, by the way. Twitter is ablaze with overheard snippets from today’s $3 million Mittapalooza. Here are a few:

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