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Don’t Let The Bullies Win

The Trevor Project has been instrumental in promoting the vital message to gay teens that bullying does not have to be a permanent part of their lives. Many great videos have been made, but this one just made my heart break.

Maybe it’s because I’m the mom of an 18-year old. Maybe it’s because I’m the mom of an 18-year old who has stood up for her gay friends throughout her years in school, shielded them and comforted them when they’ve been bullied.

Or maybe it’s because I’m someone who thinks no young person should take their lives because of what other people say.

Or maybe it’s because I loathe bullies.

Or maybe it’s all of it.

I don’t watch long videos online. Ask anyone. I’m a text person. But I watched this one beginning to end, and cried for the parents who lost their son at 18 to suicide.

Please watch this, please share it, and please stand against bullies of all stripes. I’ll have more to say about that in a different post. For now, my heartfelt thanks to Moya Watson and the SAP crew for making a heart-changing, gut-wrenchingly honest “It Gets Better” video.

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