You’re So Bain. New Campaign Song?

by Karoli on July 14, 2012 · 4 comments

My only complaint is that they used a PUG for the dog proxy. Pugs are better than that. They would never consent to a crate on top of the car, anyway. Only the best for pugs.

  • Susan Scoggins

    Fantastic! I hope everybody that’s paying attention to the republican’s attempts to take over the country and enslave it’s citizens to corporations  will blow this up and make it one successful, straight to the  point political ad that President Obama does NOT have to pay for!! I will do my small part to ensure everyone I know sees it but am counting on the younger or more ‘tech wise’ people to REALLY spread this message!

  • dmcrane

    Fantastic. Passed it on via Twitter & Facebook & email

  • Sasquatchdaycare

    Sure, let’s slam folks for making it in America :

  • Karoli

    Oh please. Tell me something…If you weren’t involved in the day to day operations of a business, how do you possibly justify this level of profit-taking?
    It’s one thing to turn a decent profit. No one begrudges that. But these border on the obscene.

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