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Someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

The “Ms. Chase” in that tweet is Heather Chase, webmaster for Angry Black Lady and others. The “Randy Hahn” (farrightofleft) sending that tweet is the shitbag who doxed me and posted my home address and phone number on his little blog. The same little blog calling for progressives to be “taken out.” (No, I won’t link it.)

Via OsborneInk:

At various times, “Randy Hahn” (@FarRightofLeft) has claimed that ABL was his source for the leaked emails and that he knows Heather Chase.

“Randy” freely admitted on his podcast Monday night that he absolutely “went after” me and posted my personal information on his “blog”, claiming that I did it to him first. Only, I didn’t. I did a couple of searches on a person who he claims he isn’t — Jason Wade Taylor.

But that’s even a distraction, because what I really want to know is why a so-called progressive webmaster who is managing sites for what I believe are progressive women would be in contact with a self-professed right wing political operative who has spent the last five months trashing me publicly and inviting harassment my way.

Heather had access to my email address, was on mailing lists I was on, and had access to the information of others on those lists, too. Others who ultimately found themselves to be Randy’s target as well, though not with the same level of vitriol he reserved for Shoq and I.

There’s a ton of sound and fury over a perception that Osborne’s latest post somehow claims credit for AngryBlackLady’s project. It does not. But it does expose a wide hole where trust once was.

I would like an explanation. Sooner rather than later.

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