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Love on the Stump

Last Sunday afternoon I was sitting in Lee and Mary’s garden waiting for a hummingbird to return to the feeder when I heard a strange noise just overhead. After looking around for a little while, I finally found this squirrel in the tree almost directly overhead, gnawing on the tree stump.

Lee always liked to feed the squirrels. He had a jar of peanuts by the side door and would put them on the table and then just wait. Eventually they’d get brave enough to come and grab the peanut. Sometimes they’d hang around long enough to crack it open and eat it, before waiting to see if another might be coming.

Naturally, squirrel photos were in order as soon as I figured out where this guy was hanging out.

When I got home and loaded the pictures, I was pleased with the detail I got on the squirrel, but wasn’t really paying attention to much else until I happened to look at the first picture of him I posted on Facebook. I realized then that the stump he was gnawing on had a center in the shape of a heart, which seemed symbolic and a little poignant. Then I looked closer, and saw what seemed to be the word “love” scratched into the stump. Here it is closer:

I’m not someone who believes that signs come from beyond, or that someone (or the squirrel) engraved that word magically onto the stump for me to find. But still, I drew some comfort from seeing one of his little favorite creatures pulling my attention toward a stump with a heart and the word “love” on it. And it didn’t end with a few pictures of a squirrel in the tree. He did come down closer to check me out, probably to see if I had any peanuts.

I didn’t this time, but when I return in November I’ll be sure to put some in my pocket first to return his gift of a little magic.

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