Abuser, Bully, Fraud and Failure: Jason Wade Taylor aka “Randy Hahn”

by Karoli on October 16, 2012 · 19 comments


This is the kind of thing he writes these days, now that he’s been exposed as a failed James O’Keefe wannabe. Take down the “radical left”! Take them down, I say! Do it by posting their real names, addresses, family names and addresses, and yes, even the names of their kids.

For seven years, I did not post the identities of my kids on this blog even after they became adults. I always felt it was a little like publishing their scrapbooks online, and they might want to have lives that didn’t include mom’s description of the drumline competition or the dance rehearsal. But this miserable excuse for human excrement did it without so much as a second thought, because he has one goal: To troll the left and make a name for himself with the radical right. Any destruction he leaves in his wake is destruction he views as winning. They’re just collateral damage to him, until the tables are turned. Then he gets mean and ornery.

Here’s how Jason Wade Taylor would like you to think of him:

…but the photo to your right is a more realistic depiction.

The first photo is Jason, all cleaned up for his church gig as a woman bully. The second is his booking photo from 2008, when he got hauled off to jail for ditching his bill for a tank of gas. Sure, he’s lost some weight and puffiness around his face, but it’s the same guy.

Tick Tock Goes The Clock

You can read all about most of Jason’s exploits over at OsborneInk.com. In June Matt Osborne told most, but not all of the story of Jason and his scam of the StopRush group on Twitter. Having given up alcohol, Jason turned to fervent Catholicism and along with that, fervent anti-choice slogans as his savior and was trolling for some victims to grab as trophies.

What Matt didn’t write about at the time was the scam Jason tried to pull over on one of our friends, who was looking for work at just the right time and place for “Randy Hahn” to ride to her rescue with a 10-gallon hat full of cow pies. He agreed to hire her, send her first month’s salary in advance because she was in need of immediate employment to pay her bills.

She eagerly sketched out ideas and spent time with him discussing what he wanted her to do. As she set to work, something happened. Or rather, something didn’t happen. The promised payment did not materialize. But no worries, because “Heather Gill” is on the case.

How about that? The check is cut by an actual payroll company and winging its way to California.

Except it’s not.

Uh oh. Three business days and then some have passed, and no check from Apex is in her mailbox. Whatever could the problem be? And what will “Randy” do about it?

Of course, we now know that Randy was just scamming her as long as he could, with complete and utter disregard for the situation he had placed her in. Not only was he lying to her, she was under the impression she was supposed to be serving up deliverables for that salary check, you know. So she asked a perfectly reasonable question: Is there a tracking number?

And this, my friends, is what she received in return, two days later. Another player, “Emma Stough”, shows up with the promise that gosh, the mixup is really all her fault and she’ll get right on it. Of course, May 4th is a Friday, too.

Randy, Heather and Emma, all making big promises, but no one is delivering. It’s also clear from the different levels of literacy in these exchanges that more than one person is playing ‘Randy’s’ game, but there’s been no light on who the other trolls are. The only one confirmed is Randy/Jason, and he’s getting a head too big for his ten-gallon hat.

While “Emma” is apologizing profusely to Julie for this mysterious mixup and failing to return her calls, ‘Randy’ is preparing to live the life of a Texas CEO and give new definition to the term “all hat, no cattle.” Randy, in his new role as a jetsetting Texas magnate, issues an itinerary to his StopRush buddies.

This has to be read to be believed. You can read the PDF linked above, but here’s the text he actually sent to people. Who does this stuff? Con men, that’s who.

Hello Group,
I am currently in Corpus Christi Texas on a semi-vacation with my better half ‘Karen.’

I was planning on going back to Houston, but I need to stop off in Dallas for the night. Lucky for me, I have a really good friend here in Corpus that has a private jet (pro golfer) don’t ask because I’m not telling.

From Dallas, I will be heading to Chicago to meet with (redacted) and then off to Florida to spend a few days with Shoq.

Stop Rush Texas has branched out; I have staff in Dallas, Austin, Texarkana and San Antonio. They are also there to combat any new death penalty cases, and our work on getting Rick Perry out of office.

The best way to get in touch with me is text message, email or a simple dm works. If I don’t know you, and you call me; I will NOT answer. Sorry, but I am not the most beloved person in Texas.

Keep up the great work, Onward!
R.J. Taylor-Hahn – (CEO)

No shit, Sherlock on the last part. But please do take a moment to lol at the grandiose claim of opening “field offices” in order to combat any “new death penalty cases”, because everyone knows they just pop up at the snap of a hat and you know, go from conviction to injection as fast as it takes Mr. Randy Jason Wade Taylor Hahn to jet his way on back to Houston. You may have guessed this already, but Mr. Texas was a no-show in Chicago and Florida.

Please, could it get any thicker?

While Mr. Ten-Gallon Bullshit Boy is out and about doing his “anti-death penalty cool professional about town” act, poor Emma Stough is having a rough time responding to Julie’s repeated requests for a tracking number and an assurance she’ll be paid. Emma finally responds at 11:00 PM or so from her [email protected] address, with a lame excuse and a penchant for Randy’s apostrophe abuse.

My phone got locked in the office downtown, and I have not been able to get it. You’re paper work is also locked in Michelle’s office (director of media relations for Mr. Hahn)

I am trying to get in touch with Michelle or Heather, Mr. Hahn was leading a protest at the prison

I will be in touch just as soon as I can.


So now we have another player in this farce. There’s “Heather”, director of HR. Emma, “Mr Hahn’s” assistant. And “Michelle,” Director of “Media Relations” who also locks personnel records in her drawer! Oh, and the significant other draped in vapor, Karen.

Randy? He’s on a jet plane…or meeting with his parole officer. Or something.

Monday, May 7th, Julie tries to reach “Emma” again, still politely requesting a tracking number, status report, and most of all, the promised payment.

No calls are returned. Finally, she manages to catch “Randy” on Skype, and exposes the man behind the curtain. Oh, not as Jason Wade Taylor. That comes later. But Julie and everyone else around her now knows that “Randy” is a fraud and a liar, as are his harem of women he keeps at his fingertips to respond when he’s on the hot seat.

Emma, Heather, Karen and Mystery Michelle, who never crawls out from under Randy’s rock to talk to Julie or unlock the personnel records, evidently.

A little help from our friends

On May 8th, Shoq and “Randy” had a little talk on Skype, because by that time everyone was sure something wasn’t right. Shoq had been trying to get to the bottom of it for days, and get something that would expose the truth underneath this guy. Julie had been evicted by her landlord (who dropped dead the following day of a heart attack). Randy BS’d his way all the way through it, leaving Shoq with the sense firm conviction that not only was Randy a scammer, he was an immediate danger to the StopRush effort. This followed Julie’s excellent earlier instincts about him which were confirmed by her business dealings outlined in the last section.*

On May 9th, some of the StopRush team leaders were alerted about “Randy”, who had started to run Twitter accounts with violent avatars and weird bios with right-wing frames.

This escalated until May 12, when there was an hour-long conversation between Shoq and “Randy”. This conversation revealed “Randy” for the liar he is. Up to now, it’s been used by Randy/Jason and his cronies to smear the StopRush movement with the phony suggestion that this recording was illegal because Florida is a two-party state. Never mind that Texas is a one-party state and that “Randy” would have to give testimony using his REAL name and his REAL identity, and so we are supposed to believe that a two-time felon who was scamming a woman and defrauding her of money she earned or expected to earn would pop up in a Florida law enforcement office to DEMAND — Nay, REQUIRE — that charges be brought for a recording claimed to have been made in Florida with one party in Texas, where that single party was trying to perpetrate a fraud and a scam on others. Yeah, and unicorns sing in my garden. Daily.

Really? This is something they used as leverage? This is the elephant in the room?

Well, yes. They did. And it worked. So-called friends scattered to the wind, suddenly distanced and vacant, unavailable for any comment other than a formal statement of disavowal in one case, shunning in others’ cases. Can’t be a part of proving a scammer to be a scammer, after all. It might be risky. Better to just ignore him and he’ll go away. Too bad about Julie, really. Just too bad, but you know, actually telling the truth is just too, too painful. If only you had better judgment. Sorry it was you all who take the hit, but at least I had the judgment to keep away and not get all muddy like you.

These are things actually spoken to me about this insanity. Suddenly the victim(s) become the idiots. So sorry, we can’t hang with you, because well, you were stupid. Or maybe it was this: We can’t hang with you because maybe we don’t believe he’s a scammer. Maybe you just pissed him off. If you had just kept Shoq out of it, well, then maybe he’d still like us.

Either way, it’s bullshit. Who actually gave the audio file to Randy and his right-wing cohorts? I know the answer to that. I’ve heard it right from the mouth of the one who did it, and it was confirmed by another. There’s no doubt about who did it. It’s the why I’m not clear on. I’ve heard several explanations, but none of them make sense. Here’s something that makes even less sense, especially coming from someone I considered friendly, if not a close friend. Statements like this:

… y’all sound like a bunch of lunatics.

That line is reminiscent of the ‘blame the victim’ words I used to hear so many years ago. Got bruises? Let it go, move on, it’s not worth reporting to authorities. That would just make trouble. Let it go, let him go. He just got a little angry, after all, I’m sure he didn’t mean to. Don’t rock the boat, never never rock the boat. That might upset someone. It might upset HIM. It might upset…ME. You should’ve been smarter about things.

Jason just tried to pull a scam on y’all. But you’re the lunatics. Tell that to Julie, who counted on the payment “Randy” promised so she could keep her home.

See, you can’t screw someone this way and then say you give a damn about women. Because this scam pulled on Julie is an insidious effort to exert control over an otherwise competent and strong woman by finding the one place she’s weak and exploiting it. Instead of jeering, some support might have been nice. Standing up. Yes, indeed. Stand up. Because that’s what we’re supposed to do.

But instead, we’re lunatics. Well, then.

It does make more sense now that I understand the travels of the magical recording from one hand to the hands of Brooks Bayne to the hands of Lee Stranahan, with Jason Wade Taylor in there somewhere. The person who said that also knows who sent them private emails and files, because one of those people doesn’t do anything without the other knowing about it.

Or so I’m told.

Lingering questions…

…Who is the real bully in this story? For all the sound and fury, it seems to me the bully is Jason Wade Taylor who ran a con on a woman looking for an honest day’s work. In his zeal to be the next O’Keefe, he played the con to a woman’s weakness. It just took a little help from our friends for him to make it everyone’s weakness.

…Why was Jason’s victim abandoned by a group of her ‘friends’? Why were they so eager to believe his nonsense over her claims and subsequent presentations of evidence?

I don’t have answers, only ideas. But by the time this whole story is laid out, we’ll all be smarter and we’ll all know we can’t trust anybody, especially a two-bit OCD petty felon who has gotten himself all prettified online with his “wimmen”. Heather. Emma. Karen. Michelle.

Surely we’re not looking at a situation where the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Are we?

*This text updated at 10:29 AM to more accurately reflect the details and sequence of events.

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1 OsborneInk October 16, 2012 at 4:01 am

Julie got it worse than any of us, and a whole lot of so-called “progressives” showed zero solidarity. 

2 catrsimportant October 16, 2012 at 6:16 am

Thank you Karoli. I always *wondered* where the outrage was. I wasn’t friends with Julie when this happened, but I *was* constantly wondering why no one chose to support her or speak up for her, even though I didn’t know the specifics. I’ve told her before and I will tell her again – there’s *nothing* wrong for believing that you’re going to be paid for a cause you care about. What’s really wrong are the people who blamed the victims from the get-go and told everyone to “get over it”. I feel there was an ulterior motive there. I personally feel lucky that I wasn’t “asked to work for Randy”. I may have fallen for it. There are so many issues with what happened – identity theft could happen at any time. I’m *still* so angry about this. 

3 Carlota Ferguson October 16, 2012 at 7:40 am

Knowledge is power.  Your hard work benefits us all.  My deepest respect to you.

4 Carlota Ferguson October 16, 2012 at 7:45 am

Is Jason also @fartotheleftofright?  I can’t really remember exactly what the twitter handle was.  That was his persona when I got involved.  I did not know about how Julie was abused and used.  People have sacrificed more than I will ever understand.  My undying gratitude to them and the sorrow they must endure.  Fight on!  #StopRush

5 KittyBIDENFitzGerald October 16, 2012 at 7:47 am

Thank you Karoli. 

6 22Peggy22 October 16, 2012 at 10:17 am

Thank you so much for writing this.  I’m so sorry for all the abuse this bully has flung at you and others, and appreciate so much your courage in standing up to him. I had no idea how deep his pathos went.

7 Karoli October 16, 2012 at 11:34 am

Hi Carlota,

Yes, Jason posed as @farleftofright before he flipped it around after he was exposed. 

8 linksteroh October 16, 2012 at 11:49 am

Thank you for writing this about the fraud Randy. I am appalled at what he pulled on Julie, but equally disappointed in other progressive’s on here that joined in the lies and hate purely for their own profit.

9 Scholarlie October 16, 2012 at 4:07 pm


10 Scholarlie October 16, 2012 at 4:10 pm

So, you Shoq and Osborne got bamboozled by Grifty the Redneck here, and that’s why those two are running around accusing everyone on twitter of being a GOP spy bent on undermining a group of 3rd tier prog bloggers. Got it.

You all need real lives.

11 Kittydog October 17, 2012 at 1:13 am

Karoli, Heather and Matt….you are all angels and this guy is at the top of the jerk scale and probably one noodle short of a stir fry. Don’t let the trolls get you down! Love you all!

12 Angela Web October 17, 2012 at 4:47 pm

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! You deserve all of this! ALL of you!

There’s a Butt-Hurt form available on the internet. Google for it, fill it out!

13 ursula October 18, 2012 at 1:08 am

Damn, very disappointing, the “Cut and Run” Progressives, in particular. Thanks for putting this all together, Karoli.

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