odd time signatures

Hunter or hunted?


Despite the best efforts of the crows in this area, the osprey remains. I suppose it will stay for as long as the fish supply holds out, though it's unusual for them to be in this area at all, much less to stay for a couple of weeks. This one appears to be a female. I haven't seen any males or even a second one anywhere nearby, so I'm not sure if it's nesting or resting. 

Meanwhile, our local cadre of crows would like to knock it out of the sky, or out of one of the trees. To say they're distressed is an understatement. They're as agitated as a gang of crows can be about a larger, meaner, badder bird hanging out in their territory. That leaves our osprey irritated, but in no way intimidated by its black-winged tormentors. Here she's fleeing our large oak tree to tease them with a little flying time before heading to the lake for dinner.

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