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Memo to Conservatives: The American Dream shouldn’t be a nightmare!

This tweet is from a GOP bot. It’s not really a person, just a spambot, which makes it easier to rip apart the stupidity without feeling like I’m getting personal. Consider this a larger post to all of the idiots out there who actually buy this tripe and think they’re making a larger social statement.

Protip: You’re not. You’re showing your backwards bigotry and hate for people different than yourself, and you make yourself look just as stupid as you deserve to look.

Here’s what a “lost American dream” looks like for our grandkids

It looks like a country that reveres and actually worships those with wealth instead of a merciful God who actually calls us to care for the poor, the sick, the elderly.

It looks like a country that is too cowardly to ask people to whom much has been given to listen to their better angels and agree that they don’t need that extra billion in the bank as much as the homeless person on the street needs a home, and shelter, and decent food.

It looks like a country that consigns the elderly to a voucher, turning its back on their needs and their very lives.

It looks like a country that tells people — young and old alike — with chronic health problems to go to an emergency room rather than prevent those health problems or treat them.

It looks like a country of callous, hollow men with empty eyes, counting their offshore bank accounts while proclaiming “prosperity for all” even as they deny even the most meager opportunity to those seeking it.

It looks like a country that rejects people of color as second-class, unworthy of the same privilege which made us the country we are.

It looks like a country that points a finger at same-sex couples while turning its head to the immoral hatred directed toward people who aren’t like the privileged few.

It looks like a country that sends our healthy young people off to war with no regret or assistance when they return broken, armless, legless, or simply dead.

It looks like a country of eroding values, coastlines and stature.

It looks like a country of fools, unwilling to acknowledge that climate change actually matters, that it is the crisis we know it is, that one hundred year storms are now occurring at a rate of about every six years.

It looks like a country that condones violence and violation of women with no care for the consequences. Rape them, rape them all, God’s will be done.

It looks like a country that consigns half of its population to the status of servant and child-bearer, with no regard for their humanity or their needs.

It looks like a country that clings to God and guns as its savior instead of education, compassion, and humanity.

This is what a lost American Dream looks like.

I have a different American Dream

The American Dream I pursue is one where people have access to health care, where we take care of our own — white, black, brown, or otherwise, where we value our elders as productive, giving, wise members of society, where we recognize scientific findings as something to pay attention to, where we understand that for the wealthy to be wealthy, the rest of us at least have to have opportunity to live a simple life, to have a ladder to climb up if we choose to reach for the next rung, and where we judge people on their character, not their choice of life partner, or the color of their skin.

It is an American Dream that acknowledges our responsibility to the global community and chooses to set a principled example.

It is an American Dream that rejects hate, particularly institutional hate, and respects other people and what they believe, whether Muslim, Catholic or atheist.

It is an American Dream that calls us all to our better selves, the part of us that yearns for love, acceptance, and a safe community with opportunity.

That’s what I want for my grandchildren, my children, and our country. Who will lead us there? A man with no moral rudder, who says whatever must be said in order to close the deal? Or the man who sees those who are in need of a little help to steady themselves and fights for it?

I want a country where respect (see photo) is something normal, instead of unusual enough to receive attention.

That’s an American Dream worth having.

Every single time one of you cynical bastards whines about the “lost American Dream” I’m going to point you here, because I have had enough of your selfish muling to last a lifetime.

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