Naked emperor is naked

by Karoli on November 28, 2012 · 31 comments

Via Breitbart Unmasked, it appears that Aaron Walker’s effort to fund his future by suing the hell out of Brett Kimberlin has been put to an end by a federal judge who basically said there was no there, there. Just intense political disputes which we all know were not the reason Aaron Walker lost his job. The full text of the judge’s order is at that link.

It was good while it lasted, right? It was certainly a great way to raise some money from the Netroots. Bad, bad lefties doing bad, bad things always riles up the righties.

Shut up and sit down, little lady

My little post about Aaron Walker and the Brietbots inspired Robert Stacy McCain to write a couple of posts about me in which he included Crooks and Liars in the title so they could drag in a higher profile entity to try and shame me into silence. The content of the posts is less relevant than who he included and why. He and his National Bloggers Club cronies then took to Twitter to magnify their message and send me one that sort of said I should watch out because they were gonna shut me up and make sure they could use my taint as a lever with Crooks and Liars.

This is a common tactic. I get it a lot. I love writing for Crooks and Liars and appreciate the platform they offer me to do it. In return, I think I add value to their brand, and evidently they do, too. Also, let’s not forget that they’re called “Crooks and Liars” for a reason. We exist to point out the liars and crooks in the room, why they lie, and who they lie for.

There’s no love here or there for Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe aspirants like Lee Stranahan, et al, who think absolutely nothing of dragging people’s names around the Internet in order to make a name for themselves. They use all tools at their disposal, including a fairly high profile to try and shut me up. I repeat: it’s something I get every damn day, and they’re just one of the players in a larger cast.

You’re finished in this town

Here’s what I’m going to say about that tactic to those — on whatever side of the political spectrum you reside on — who use my association with C&L as a lever and a hammer.

When you say my “career” is pretty much done because of who my friends are, I suppress the urge to laugh hysterically because there was a time in my life where I was paid a lot of money to build communities online until venture capitalists decided online communities could be anarchy and needed no moderation or editorial assistance. I was good at it; in fact, I pioneered it back in the late 90s on CNN’s community site, before moving on to other venues. I even got health insurance and a paycheck and a 401k back in the day.

That was then. VCs killed that, and so whatever “career” path is open to a middle aged person with a keyboard, computer and something to say will depend on whether the good old boys and girls decide I have acceptable friends? Kids, the ‘career path’ was dead years ago. You kid yourself if you think otherwise.

Naked emperor is naked. There isn’t any there, there. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy what I’m doing. I do. But as far as the career path, well…get with the program here. I’m not Aaron Walker. I don’t invent drama to raise money. Nope, nothing to see here.

Pop the popcorn, there’s always entertainment

But damn, you can always find drama and hysteria online without looking very hard. If I were a mental health professional I would feel overwhelmed by the amount of aberrant behavior I see online. It is as if the Internet has become a haven to not simply hide, but encourage unhealthy behavior.

Make no mistake, there are people with mental health issues all over the Internet and Twitter seems to be their favorite place to hang. I simply don’t have the professional expertise to make the call on who will decide on any given day they hold the power over my future because of their issues and shaky hold on reality.

Take the never-ending drama over the guy who decided to make a name for himself by trying to screw up the StopRush effort, for example. He was bad enough, as were his horrible blog posts which someone helped him SEO in order to make sure his version of my personal information would hit the top of Google at any given time.

Here’s a fact: He had an empty gun that someone loaded. And loaded again and again because why? Because it was too traumatic to admit a mistake in judgment.

Yeah. Now it’s all drama, 24/7, with backchannel discussions and teams of roving meme-makers, all for the purpose of making sure to prolong it all.

My future, my way

A close, sane friend recently gave me some advice about that vaunted ‘career’ thing. She basically said I should simply pursue my own paths to my own goals and ignore the noise. That would be awesome if I even believed my goals are all that attainable anymore. In a different world in a different time, they maybe were. Now, not so much. So I do what I do, in spite of the nonsense tossed in my direction by people who don’t like those I might defend, or call friend.

In the future maybe I’ll just write a book about what it means to be a woman writing about politics in a world so divided and cynical, in a world where who I defend is regarded as some kind of leverage over how I speak my mind, whether or not it really is. Maybe several books. Or I could do what my better half suggested, and put in an application at the new Lowe’s store opening here, collect my $10/hour and smile.

All of those are possibilities.

Moral of the story is moral

With that said, here is a message to those on my side of things who make all manner of arguments for why so much drama has gone on for so long and why it’s always someone else’s fault it keeps going on.

It’s not gender.

It’s not some higher principle.

It’s behavior, and a near-obsessive desire to punish others.

It’s fucking someone behind their back when they’re trying to do something they think is right and then LYING about it for months and even blaming them for what happened simply to avoid owning the one wrong thing done.

All that ever needed to happen was an apology and admission that yes, these things did in fact happen, and yes, it was that person who did it, and yes, the motives were purely selfish.

It’s not about anything else. Humanity, sanity and human decency are really hard to find online. Hubris, pride, puffery, and self-justification are far easier to locate. Just have a look at the pile of paper that accompanied that Kimberlin lawsuit and then have a look at the letter that undoes all the allegations and figure out that facts actually do matter.

Take responsibility. Stop being an ass and blaming other people. Stop climbing into bed with people who want to stab you in the back in the name of Breitbart’s ghost and fucking admit responsibility and apologize for it. Be done. Let it go.

While you’re at it, accept that my future is not your concern. You don’t control it and you’re not going to use it as leverage against me. Because I really don’t have one you need to worry about.

Like wingers, you can make a lot of noise about things. Just remember there will always be the one sane judge who simply says there’s no there, there.

Naked emperor is naked.

Postscript: I’m no one’s acolyte or minion. Disabuse yourselves.

  • OsborneInk

    I just realized that the pressure on you makes me more angry than it makes you, Karoli.

    They should really stop it before they hurt themselves.

  • The Liberal Grouch


  • The Liberal Grouch

    I want to be Karoli when I grow up.

  • Liz Pullen

    I tried to understand this yesterday and I’m still trying to tease out a coherent narrative…but the story keeps going back further & further in time and involve more & more people. The one thing I’m sure about is that it doesn’t involve the subject of politics although it is through political allegiances that friendships were originally formed and alliances put together. But the more I read, the more it seems to come down to the very human qualities of betrayal and, as you said, self-justification.

    Conflict is part of human relationships so that is not surprising, but the complete lack of honesty and lack of self-awareness drive me crazy. Person A will say horrible things about Person B who will retaliate and then Person A will claim they are being threatened and harassed. Person C will say Person D is lying and then D files a Twitter complaint about being attacked with “vile language” even though everyone claims they want freedom of speech. The hypocrisy makes me dizzy sometimes. Can they really not see that others are treating them the same way they treat others? 

  • Semishark

    None of this excuses what has happened to @vdaze. Why you and your friends chose to tie all this meshugaas to the abuse that @vdaze had the courage to speak of will always baffle me. The fact that you in particular put on blinders and bought that “one 8-month-old voicemail” bs will always disappoint me. Moreover, your discussion of apologies that never materialized and complete failures to take ownership of wrongdoing remind me that neither your friend nor you have ever expressed genuine regret or sorrowover the way he treated her.

  • Airport Transfers Liverpool

    Yes!While you’re at it, accept that my future is not your concern. You don’t control it and you’re not going to use it as leverage against me. Because I really don’t have one you need to worry about.

  • Liz Pullen

    Why should Karoli express regret over something that someone else has done? She isn’t responsible. Are we supposed to express sorrow towards everyone who has experienced pain & loss? That could be a full-time job. 

    I’m sure every single person who follows me has experienced some tragedy. Should we spend our days & nights consoling every one? Surely people aren’t this needy & fragile that they need every online connection to do this. If so, they should seek a therapist.

  • Karoli

    Never in all of my life have I seen such singleminded obsession over this vdaze stuff. I didn’t mention vdaze in this post, this post had nothing to do with vdaze, it’s not remotely relevant to what I wrote. 

    No voice mail message ever justifies the hundreds — thousands, actually — of hateful messages directed at people that have been flung all over twitter. No voice mail message ever. We get that she hates him. We don’t need it displayed over and over again by the vdaze gang to figure it out. 

    Every day for months. Every day, we see more of it without end, because of the arrogance of a few who think it’s their mission in life to show every person on the planet who dares to pay attention for even a second how eeeeevil Shoq is. 

    It simply never ends. And it has nothing to do with what I wrote, so I can only assume your purpose in bringing it up here is to once again make sure everyone on the planet knows without any doubt in a world without end that vdaze hates shoq. 

    We get it. Move on.

  • Karoli

    Here’s the summary version. There are two threads. 

    The StopRush/Heather/Jason Wade Taylor thread:The StopRush effort was infiltrated with the goal of destroying it by a con artist who got into the volunteer effort and portrayed himself as a wealthy Texan with a desire to help the effort with money. He conned Julie and Matt Osborne by telling them he would hire them to do some web work and writing, got their social security numbers and other personal info and screwed them both, especially Julie, who lost her home after he failed to pay her for the work she did.Shoq recorded a confrontational Skype conversation, hoping to expose the con. Some didn’t believe JWT was conning people even after the recording and went ahead and pursued his promises of funding for their own projects. Shoq’s recording was given to JWT along with private emails (and email addresses). It was used to discredit Shoq, and to try to humiliate the entire group of volunteers working on the StopRush project. The information in the emails was used to hunt down information on me and others, give that information to people claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous who then used it to publish personal information about me and others, including my family members, every address I’ve had for 20 years, and more. JWT then created a website with this information which was very carefully SEO’d so that search results for those people associated with the StopRush project would include claims of our radical progressive agendas, etc etc. Heather Chase gave JWT the recording and the emails. Imani Gandy was aware that she did and in fact, agreed with her decision to do so because Gandy clung to the belief that JWT was, in fact, a wealthy philanthropist. 
    Heather and ABL denied everything in public but admitted in private that these things were done. Until Heather published her “confession” on November 19th, those private confessions were just hearsay that could be discredited, and were, by Heather and ABL as well as their friends.

    The good news: The StopRush movement goes on, and is making an impact. The bad news: Matt Osborne, Julie Sigwart, Matt Edelstein (Shoq) and many others have all been painted as “lunatics” with a vendetta against poor Heather and ABL simply for wanting the truth to be admitted, owned, and then to move forward. 

    The VDaze thread:

    VDaze (Jessica) and Shoq had an online relationship which he hoped would become one in real life. It deteriorated toward the end of last year and by January, they weren’t really communicating at all. 

    He tried many times to talk through what had happened, and often she would participate. But there were fights and in one of those fights he left an angry voicemail message calling her a “c*nt”. 

    At the end of August, we all got to hear that VM, because she decided to publish it on her blog just at the same time that the Heather/ABL issues with JWT were blowing up. That resulted in what can only be described as an unending torrent of hate spewing on Twitter. From August 6th, when the rumblings began, until today, that torrent flows like lava from a volcano. Daily, and directed toward anyone and everyone who interacts with Shoq (Matt E.) 

    Is there any relationship between those two threads? Maybe, maybe not. Jessica posted a bit of an IM conversation between Shoq and vdaze about how the recording was being used to discredit him (by claiming it was illegal), which Matt Osborne interpreted as her way of bringing the two into one big huge conflagration.

    Whether by accident or design, the constant flow of hate about the VM certainly fed the right wing narratives about the JWT/Heather/ABL debacle. So to that end, it was convenient.

    There was a lot of overlap between the people stoking the hate over the “c*nt” VM and the hate over the JWT debacle. The two fit together nicely to discredit Matt E and Matt O, who were telling the truth from the beginning about the JWT con.

    In the end, you’re right. It is a cautionary tale about human failings, trust, betrayal, and greed.

  • Liz Pullen

    Thanks for the summary, Karoli. I knew most of it in bits and pieces except for Julie Sigwart which is a new name to me. I got side-tracked into the Shoq-Heather Chase-Stranahan feud which led me to more pissing contests between and among liberal & conservative political bloggers.  As far as I can see about the latter, each side is calling each other terrible names and at the same time, claiming to be suffering “harassment and defamation.” It’s ludicrous…like all the bullies at school claiming they are victims of bullying. If you are dishing it out online, you better be able to take it without filing a lawsuit or else, you should get out of social media.

    I do care that personal information is posted online or that it involves people’s families. That goes beyond whatever differences people might have and opens people up to being truly harassed, not by the original poster, but by their surrogates or just trolls that get off invading people’s privacy. I’m sorry that this happened to you, Karoli, and others involved with this mess.

    Although I’m only tangentially involved, as a Twitter friend to you & Shoq, it would be nice if these disputes could be put to rest. But there often comes a point when the original reason for the fight is forgotten and the main point is to inflict pain and deflect any responsibility for hurting others. At some point, I think some of the participants need to stop responding to the bait, block the trolls and work on rebuilding the trust they use to have in others.

  • Karoli

    Your advice is the same as I have been giving as well. It is the reason I simply block and move on from anything to do with the vdaze torrent of hate. 

    But when it comes to the JWT issues, I need to stress that there are political ties, ones that are harmful to progressives and they are still unraveling. See these emails to Andrew Breitbart on the night before he died.

    These are a problem, and they’re related to Lee Stranahan, who continues to inject himself into the JWT/Heather/ABL insanity.

  • Milt Shook

    Yes, the recording was given to Randy. But it was NOT given to him to “discredit Shoq.” It was given to him to prevent an attorney from being complicit in accepting an illegal recording. Yes, I said illegal. It was illegal to make that recording, no matter how anyone spins it. And you see, an attorney takes an oath to uphold the law. The choice was to give it to Florida police or JWT. Everyone KNEW JWT would never turn it in, because he had more to fear from police than Shoq. IOW, the attorney had to protect a career, and did so in a way that would be LEAST damaging to the recorder.  GET IT YET? 

    You should, because I’ve said this to Edelstein at least a dozen times on our Skype calls. I’ve said dozens of times, lawyers have a higher ethical standard than the rest of us. (Yes, I know; insert joke here.)

    Heather was protecting her boss. There was no “greed.” For Chrissakes, if you read the emails Osborne just posted the other day, they show that NO ONE on her staff, including Imani, believed JWT was real, but they had a fiduciary responsibility not to turn down a funding source until a thorough vetting was perform. 

    Read the update to my last blog post. Even Osborne didn’t have enough confidence in the JWT info to post it until almost three weeks later after the May 23 date on those emails.  If “everyone knew” what a liar and a cheat Randy was, then why did Osborne wait 19 extra days to post the JWT Burn Notice?  The FACT of the matter is, as of May 23, everyone had a **suspicion** that Randy was full of shit, but NO ONE, including Osborne, KNEW enough to publicly claim he was a fraud. 

    Now, a million dollar question; what do you think could have happened if Imani had publicly claimed JWT was a fraud, and he turned out to be something other than that? Suppose our information was wrong, and he was worth a couple of million and had an itch to get a little revenge? 

    The way you spin this is based on feelings as they are now, not as they were then. 

    As for the “vdaze thread,” that is not now, nor has it ever been, about a single breakup, some bad feelings and a couple of voicemails. It’s about a pattern of behavior. A number of women have come forward (in confidence, so NO, Matts, I’m not going to do a document dump on your sorry asses) to credibly claim that Shoq was either a bully, abusive, or just plain creepy. All of the women calling him out make the same claim, and his behavior toward them has largely served as proof they’re right. 

    Seriously, all of you need to grow the hell up.  

  • Shoq

    Liz, no reasonable person thinks that voicemessage was anything more than a moment of rage handled badly. Your ridiculous masquerade, pretending it was some kind of extreme abuse is just a smoke screen for your little clique called “Secret Twitter,” where you, shopaholic_917, myownpetard, mycindeh, iboudreau, brandibax and ethan holmes all hang out together and bash me to validate your kindship with vdaze.  Yet you don’t tell  anyone that. It might change their perception of your daily obsession trying to blow up this molehill into a mountain for 6 months. You’re transparent, mean-spirited, and generally disgusting. You have manipulated me, violated my confidences, and deliberately recast a DM I sent you as a “tweet.” You are dishonest, disingenuous, and disgraceful. Have a nice day.

  • Norma Duffy

    What a bunch of Hoots! Can you all just leave this alone, grow up, be somebody??
    Obviously for me, I think you all just need to count up all the times you tried to better yourselves over @shoq:disqus   I have watched you all say things that make his shit seem passive in the last 4 months! Grow up get over it move on…. More importantly be the adult that has something better to do!

    Your tongues are probably the lightest things on your body, yet your all to weak to hold them anymore!

  • Still Smells Fishy To Me

     So the attorney passed on illegal recordings?  Isn’t that like being an accomplice?  I would think an attorney would sit on the recording as it was not involved in any criminal action at that point.

  • Shoq

    Milt,  your hand and role in this was debunked long ago, here, and you’ve been trying to recover ever since.'ve masked your ties to them and this drama from the start, and continue to spin things to blow smoke over what you (and they did). Now just go away. You proved how dishonest you were, and remain in your ludicrous posts that made endless allegations about me without a single example.You invested in people with no ethics because you have none, and now you continue to try and victimize me because you busted your disingenuous ass trying to impress the mean girls and now it’s bitten you in that ass.  You’re not even worth more words. Sorry Uncle Miltie. You’re dismissed.

  • Shoq

    Exactly. The idea that anyone, especially an attorney sanctioning the passing of an “illegal recordings” to an incredible con man to “protect yourself from embarrassment” is the epitome of stupid.  They did it for the play money they needed to believe he had. So they sold out 1500 stopRush volunteers based on nothing but vapor dollars. It was disgraceful, and Chase has known it since she did it.  Or did she? There are still many questions about her, and how far back her association with JWT (and worse, Lee Stranahan) go.  The longer they continue this denials, the deeper the invitations are to probe further.  

  • Karoli

    Oh, bullshit. If you think something illegal has happened you call the authorities and report it. You don’t hand it off to the purported victim with a few emails attached that happen to reveal innocent people’s email addresses.

    You just don’t. So save the ZOMG ILLEGAL claim for someone who is too stupid to think this through.

  • Getting Clearer

    I wonder if all this drama is to protect the attorney for violating numerous California Ethics Rules?

    It also makes sense to me, now, as to why the attorney didn’t do the right thing over these “illegal recordings.”

    Rule 2.32 Inactive enrollment for failure to comply with Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements
    (A)      A
    member who fails to meet requirements for Minimum Continuing Legal
    Education (MCLE) will be involuntarily enrolled as inactive.

  • OsborneInk

    Is that why she contacted his friends, business partners, media contacts, etc?

    And if this was supposed to be an intervention, then why weren’t ALL his friends invited?

  • Shoq

    They will not allow my stream to return to normal. They bully anyone that dares to engage me. Until there is an end to that behavior, it’s not likely to be over any time soon. Chase has already aligned @Angryblacklady with Stranahan nicely, and she may never be able to get past that. I guess Chase was so close to her buddy Lee that she never knew he’s one of the most loathed and distrusted people in the wingnutosphere.  @vdaze certainly didn’t help her friend much by lighting this stupid Internet forest fire, but here again, I think it was Chase that passed her the match.  I’ve forgiven her for striking  it. I hope she’s forgiven herself.

  • Sharon Daniels

    Please, someone explain to me how a married woman, living with her husband, can carry on a yr long online relationship, promising a future to a single man, and when he finds out the truth and in anger calls her a dirty name, can claim SHE was abused? Dig deep enough and it becomes clear many different women in this story sold their self respect, and sold out their friends for MONEY.

  • Sharon Daniels

    Oh and I am one of the innocent bystanders that was ridiculed over my profile, accused of being a shoq groupie and reported by the “gang” as spam until my account was suspended by twitter.

  • OsborneInk

    Oh, Milt. “but they had a fiduciary responsibility not to turn down a funding source until a thorough vetting was perform” — Nonsense. No 501(c)3 organization in America is REQUIRED to accept money from a particular donor, let alone someone so suspicious. Quite the contrary: nonprofits are required to fully vet their major funding sources BEFORE accepting donations in order to avoid breaking the law. JWT couldn’t meet the minimum standards of proof necessary to be a funder, and the board had deep reservations about him. Imani overruled them.

    “then why did Osborne wait 19 extra days to post the JWT Burn Notice” — As i said the other day, the embarrassment of his other victims prevented me. I had everything I needed to move forward on May 13. Now I wish I had. But by this same logic, shouldn’t @vdaze have published that voicemail in January?

    “what do you think could have happened if Imani had publicly claimed JWT was a fraud, and he turned out to be something other than that?” — Then he would have been forced to explain his plagiarism to the New York Times, because it was already identified by then. No one was asking Imani to denounce him. It just stands to reason that she should not have had her webmaster share our proprietary communications with him because we had made it clear we wanted no further contact with “Randy Hahn.” 

    You’re really reaching to rationalize this, Milt.

    “The choice was to give it to Florida police or JWT.” Then give it to the police, if she was so convinced that a crime had been committed. Why would she give that to a man we believed to be a fake, and wanted no further contact with? Why NOT go to the police if she REALLY thought there was a crime? And if the con artist was operating out of Nigeria or Malaysia instead of Texas, would we even be having this discussion?

    “A number of women have come forward” — PUT UP OR SHUT UP. You have my email address. Give me their names in confidence and I won’t publish them. Until then, it’s just another unsubstantiated accusation. I could just as easily sit here and assert that you are a pedophile who has raped “a number of little boys” until people start believing and repeating me.

  • Milt Shook

    I’m not dishonest at all. Neither of my posts contains an allegation other than you’re a bully. That’s the only allegation. And I proved it, and you prove it repeatedly. I have never “invited in” anyone to anything having to do with you. In fact, I’ve never trusted you enough to even admit to people I know that I had anything to do with you. 

    I DARE you to prove that anything I said above, or in either of my extremely polite posts, is a lie. And by proving, I mean specific information showing that what I said was untrue and that I knew it was untrue. 

    You’re beneath me. And with every word you utter, you prove it, beyond a shadow of a doubt. You may think people fall at your feet in deference, but you don’t scare me. Not even a little. I will always take the high ground with you, and that gives me a distinct advantage. 

    Not that I need much. 

    Goodbye, Mr. Edelstein. I wish you well in your fight with cancer, and I will continue to call you a bully, but I will not trash you with bullshit, as you do everyone else. 

  • Milt Shook

    The person she handed them to was ON the recording. So, no. 

  • R Potter

    Shoq illegally records JWT.

    Shoq sends illegal recording to lawyer.

    Lawyer alerts JWT that he was a victim of a crime.

    Not only is that correct and proper, it is exactly what everyone should have expected any lawyer to do.

  • Milt Shook

    As usual, you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.  Look shit up before you write. 

    A fiduciary responsibility is not necessarily a legal responsibility, it’s about trust. No one said they were REQUIRED to accept the funding, so that’s kinda straw related, too. But board members have a fiduciary responsibility to the other board members, and other investors, donors or whatever to thoroughly vet someone offering money before they just dismiss it out of hand, especially based on what even you a the time considered to be specious information. So specious, you held your “Burn Notice” for another 19 days. 

    This is the problem, Osborne. You and the Cat are holding everyone else to a higher standard than you hold yourself to. If you and Edelstein KNEW Randy was a complete phony, why didn’t YOU publish everything 21 days earlier? Your “concern” would be laudable if you hadn’t later blown every confidence you were given previously? 

    As for the women who have come forward, are you kidding on this? “Give (you) their names in confidence”? I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you. You’re not a journalist. You have zero journalistic standards. For fuck’s sake, you published a burn notice on people you were supposedly friends with at one time, that contained pretty much no actual fact, but tons of threats to people who have called Shoq a bully, which he is. You have NEVER kept a secret or a confidence during this whole thing. You and Edelstein wait for any opening to reveal as much personal information you can about everyone.  Do you really think anyone would trust you with personal information ever again, after what you’ve done to people you once called friends? 

    You know what I have? I have credibility and I have integrity. I have NEVER told anyone anything personal about anyone involved with this bullshit, including Edelstein. His attacks on me pretty much make me laugh, because they’re childish and silly, and they do more damage to him than me. 

    Those pieces I wrote weren’t hit pieces. In the first one, I called both of you bullies, because you are. And I used your own post as proof. There were no actual facts in that piece; it was all innuendo and threats. And let me tell you a little secret, Matt; document dumps are what Breitbart did. They are not journalism.  Tossing a whole bunch of personal emails onto a page and telling a story based on what Edelstein told you went on isn’t journalism; it’s gossip.  And in my second blog post, all I did was use the chronology of the blog posts to show that Edelstein was the one escalating this bullshit.  Jessica didn’t even mention his name in the infamous voicemail post. If he’d just left it alone, nothing subsequent would have happened. But he can’t do that.  And you guys enable this childish little moron. 

    If you want anyone to trust you with confidential information, you might want to be trustworthy first.  You and Edelstein are not trustworthy. Not even a little. 

  • Milt Shook

    Are you this stupid in real life? 

    He was ON THE RECORDING.  He was the “victim” of the crime, you moron. If he had gone after you legally, and it was found that she had received that recording, knew about it, and had done nothing, she could LOSE HER BAR CARD. Got it yet? 

    As I told you when you were crying to me about it on Skype when he posted it, she’s covering her own ass, because she’s a lawyer. She has a duty to the law. She took an oath.  Get a clue. 

  • BlueEye

    Here’s a suggestion to Shoq and *all* the participants (and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them) on BOTH sides: Just shut the fuck up about it and move on. Seriously. 99.9999999999999% of people on twitter and everywhere else really (and I mean *REALLY*) don’t give a shit about this little pissing match anymore. Even if they did at one time (which I doubt). Unless everyone’s point is to prove who the bigger asshole/douchecanoe/dumbass really is, in which case carry on. 

  • Milk Toast

    So if Shoq stabbed JWT.  Then gave the knife to the attorney in question.  Then she or he gave the knife to the victim.  There is no problem there? 

    Especially being an attorney. 

    Especially when it involves contamination of the evidence that was “illegally” gathered?

    What if JWT decided to use the knife to stab Shoq back?  Oh wait, that’s what actually happened.

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