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Naked emperor is naked

Via Breitbart Unmasked, it appears that Aaron Walker’s effort to fund his future by suing the hell out of Brett Kimberlin has been put to an end by a federal judge who basically said there was no there, there. Just intense political disputes which we all know were not the reason Aaron Walker lost his job. The full text of the judge’s order is at that link.

It was good while it lasted, right? It was certainly a great way to raise some money from the Netroots. Bad, bad lefties doing bad, bad things always riles up the righties.

Shut up and sit down, little lady

My little post about Aaron Walker and the Brietbots inspired Robert Stacy McCain to write a couple of posts about me in which he included Crooks and Liars in the title so they could drag in a higher profile entity to try and shame me into silence. The content of the posts is less relevant than who he included and why. He and his National Bloggers Club cronies then took to Twitter to magnify their message and send me one that sort of said I should watch out because they were gonna shut me up and make sure they could use my taint as a lever with Crooks and Liars.

This is a common tactic. I get it a lot. I love writing for Crooks and Liars and appreciate the platform they offer me to do it. In return, I think I add value to their brand, and evidently they do, too. Also, let’s not forget that they’re called “Crooks and Liars” for a reason. We exist to point out the liars and crooks in the room, why they lie, and who they lie for.

There’s no love here or there for Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe aspirants like Lee Stranahan, et al, who think absolutely nothing of dragging people’s names around the Internet in order to make a name for themselves. They use all tools at their disposal, including a fairly high profile to try and shut me up. I repeat: it’s something I get every damn day, and they’re just one of the players in a larger cast.

You’re finished in this town

Here’s what I’m going to say about that tactic to those — on whatever side of the political spectrum you reside on — who use my association with C&L as a lever and a hammer.

When you say my “career” is pretty much done because of who my friends are, I suppress the urge to laugh hysterically because there was a time in my life where I was paid a lot of money to build communities online until venture capitalists decided online communities could be anarchy and needed no moderation or editorial assistance. I was good at it; in fact, I pioneered it back in the late 90s on CNN’s community site, before moving on to other venues. I even got health insurance and a paycheck and a 401k back in the day.

That was then. VCs killed that, and so whatever “career” path is open to a middle aged person with a keyboard, computer and something to say will depend on whether the good old boys and girls decide I have acceptable friends? Kids, the ‘career path’ was dead years ago. You kid yourself if you think otherwise.

Naked emperor is naked. There isn’t any there, there. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy what I’m doing. I do. But as far as the career path, well…get with the program here. I’m not Aaron Walker. I don’t invent drama to raise money. Nope, nothing to see here.

Pop the popcorn, there’s always entertainment

But damn, you can always find drama and hysteria online without looking very hard. If I were a mental health professional I would feel overwhelmed by the amount of aberrant behavior I see online. It is as if the Internet has become a haven to not simply hide, but encourage unhealthy behavior.

Make no mistake, there are people with mental health issues all over the Internet and Twitter seems to be their favorite place to hang. I simply don’t have the professional expertise to make the call on who will decide on any given day they hold the power over my future because of their issues and shaky hold on reality.

Take the never-ending drama over the guy who decided to make a name for himself by trying to screw up the StopRush effort, for example. He was bad enough, as were his horrible blog posts which someone helped him SEO in order to make sure his version of my personal information would hit the top of Google at any given time.

Here’s a fact: He had an empty gun that someone loaded. And loaded again and again because why? Because it was too traumatic to admit a mistake in judgment.

Yeah. Now it’s all drama, 24/7, with backchannel discussions and teams of roving meme-makers, all for the purpose of making sure to prolong it all.

My future, my way

A close, sane friend recently gave me some advice about that vaunted ‘career’ thing. She basically said I should simply pursue my own paths to my own goals and ignore the noise. That would be awesome if I even believed my goals are all that attainable anymore. In a different world in a different time, they maybe were. Now, not so much. So I do what I do, in spite of the nonsense tossed in my direction by people who don’t like those I might defend, or call friend.

In the future maybe I’ll just write a book about what it means to be a woman writing about politics in a world so divided and cynical, in a world where who I defend is regarded as some kind of leverage over how I speak my mind, whether or not it really is. Maybe several books. Or I could do what my better half suggested, and put in an application at the new Lowe’s store opening here, collect my $10/hour and smile.

All of those are possibilities.

Moral of the story is moral

With that said, here is a message to those on my side of things who make all manner of arguments for why so much drama has gone on for so long and why it’s always someone else’s fault it keeps going on.

It’s not gender.

It’s not some higher principle.

It’s behavior, and a near-obsessive desire to punish others.

It’s fucking someone behind their back when they’re trying to do something they think is right and then LYING about it for months and even blaming them for what happened simply to avoid owning the one wrong thing done.

All that ever needed to happen was an apology and admission that yes, these things did in fact happen, and yes, it was that person who did it, and yes, the motives were purely selfish.

It’s not about anything else. Humanity, sanity and human decency are really hard to find online. Hubris, pride, puffery, and self-justification are far easier to locate. Just have a look at the pile of paper that accompanied that Kimberlin lawsuit and then have a look at the letter that undoes all the allegations and figure out that facts actually do matter.

Take responsibility. Stop being an ass and blaming other people. Stop climbing into bed with people who want to stab you in the back in the name of Breitbart’s ghost and fucking admit responsibility and apologize for it. Be done. Let it go.

While you’re at it, accept that my future is not your concern. You don’t control it and you’re not going to use it as leverage against me. Because I really don’t have one you need to worry about.

Like wingers, you can make a lot of noise about things. Just remember there will always be the one sane judge who simply says there’s no there, there.

Naked emperor is naked.

Postscript: I’m no one’s acolyte or minion. Disabuse yourselves.

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