Pat Robertson Needs OmniClean

by Karoli on February 26, 2013 · 1 comment

Forget about rebuking demons in donated clothing which might have belonged to liberals once, Pat. Just get yourself some Omni-Clean!

Please do not drink coffee while listening to this clip. Karoli is not responsible for the condition of your keyboard after you burst out laughing.

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  • Olivia Emisar

    Kid shouts from the other room: “That’s not a real product right?” – Puzzled and wondering what the heck mom is listening to. You know… this could really be a money maker. They used to sell snake oil to heal all boo boos before and they made a mint. Heck! we are still selling snake oil and making a mint (diet pills, supplements that don’t work, brass/gems/crystal healing power jewelry…)

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