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It’s not you; it’s me

If you leave me a reply or include me in a conversation on Twitter, it’s unlikely you will receive a reply from me.

Do not take it personally. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m tired of the constant trolling and gaming of my Twitter interactions. I’m tired of expressing an unpopular opinion or refusing to go with the pack and being labeled a divider.

I’m tired of watching people act as apologists for people who do bad things. Really bad things. Criminally bad things. I am not speaking of interpersonal conflicts. I am talking about the exploitation of children. If that’s who people want to follow and defend, they have every right.

All of these things are perfectly acceptable behaviors online. But to me, they’re toxic, divisive, and an indication of a dying community.

Zach Green said the truth of his efforts would be revealed in the fruit borne of them. Division, dissent, and aggressive, ugly behavior is the fruit I see. But he was right. By their fruit you shall know them.

Enjoy. I have no interest in spending my time inhaling toxic interactivity. Life is too short.

Like I said, it’s me. Not you.

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