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Dear Jeffrey Joy: It Ain’t Over

This morning I received a takedown notice from my web host of a PDF I had posted of emails between Michelle at Vested Protection Systems, LLC and Andrew Breitbart the night before he died. When I protested the order to pull it down I was informed that “he claimed they were copyrighted material.” The “he” in that sentence could only be Jeffrey Joy, owner of Vested Protection Systems, LLC.

For those who may not know, Jeffrey Joy is a private investigator in New Jersey who was contracted by Andrew Breitbart to dig up dirt on lefties in order to do harm to them.

His “assistant” or “partner” Michelle (aka ZAPEM), planned not only to infiltrate Anonymous for Andrew Breitbart, but also to wreak havoc and destruction on people who they believed were connected to Brett Kimberlin. I will quote one of their emails under fair use guidelines:

a. A Hacker group solicited by Adbusters on IRC in early 2011 for use as a political weapon.
b. Co­opted by the left immediately for political use and frowned upon by the hacker factions
c. Our goal was to:

  1. Infiltrate Anonymous
  2. Cause a rift between the left and the hackers by first proving to the hackers involved that they were being used
  3. Provide them with enough information to ultimately attack the left
  4. Uncover the mechanics of how the left would filter control of the organization’s money to

They also planned to go after the website BreitbartUnmasked because they were certain that there was a connection between BU and Crooks and Liars. There wasn’t, but when you’re a shitty investigator you do shitty investigations. Besides, they didn’t care who they ‘took down’ as long as they were perceived enemies.

My message to Jeffrey Joy and his pals:

You may think you’ve won a round by forcing a takedown of the actual PDF of your email to Andrew Breitbart on my site, but you haven’t. You won’t intimidate me and you don’t scare me. Whining to my web host about my content is just a way to mask your chickenshit activity from people like the school districts you contract with to make sure the poor kids don’t go to the rich kids’ schools.

There’s nothing worse than a cop who abuses authority, unless it’s an ex-cop who abuses authority. You fall into the latter. 

As for your plot to disrupt Anonymous, it doesn’t appear to be working. They seem quite active. I only hope they deal with you appropriately. 

I really, really loathe people who abuse authority. The last one I encountered was a cop, too. His name was Mark Lounsbury and he ended up being a discredited heap of offal, too.

This wasn’t the only site on the Internet where that PDF was posted, but it may have been the only one you could reach with your chickenshit whines about copyright. I don’t really think they give a shit about your copyright here.

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