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Bill Talley Sentenced. Who’s the ‘fraud and embarrassment’ now?

Back in March, Talley left this comment on my original post about his conviction for possession of child pornography:

Today he was sentenced to one year in jail and eight years probation for possession of child porn. According to Matt Osborne, who was present at the sentencing, the light sentence was due to the timing of his arrest. Talley was arrested in 2005 and sentenced in 2013. In 2007, Tennessee changed the sentencing requirements for possession. So Mr. Talley serves 365 days for possessing thousands of pornographic images of children.


Talley first fell on hard times with a substance abuse problem that culminated when local authorities, suspecting that he was trafficking drugs, raided his condo in 2005. Along with cocaine and lots of prescription medications, investigators also found droves of child pornography.

Prosecutors charged Talley on multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and drug possession with intent to sell. He has fought the charges for eight years, with his final defeat coming when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal.

In February, Talley plead guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of drug possession with intent to sell. Six other charges were dismissed.

Yes, Milt Shook, it’s always great to get the whole story before mouthing off. Bill Talley pled guilty in February to possession of child pornography.

It wasn’t just a few images, either. From Osborne’s tweets:

Thousands of images, including images of children as young as three. Pay close attention to this one:

Please tell me more about who is the fraud and embarrassment. Listen to the excuses Bill Talley offered:

  • He didn’t think selling drugs to friends was dealing.
  • He didn’t know possessing images of children as young as three being raped was illegal.
  • Malware on his computer downloaded the images, paid for them with his credit card, printed them, and stored them in his office, his car, his safe, and on his coffee table.

Anyone who believes that crap ought to be in prison with him.