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WSJ Goes Nuts Over…Bicycles?

I can’t even describe how bizarre this is. John Amato has a great collection of links to people as incredulous as I am, but let me just say for the record that it’s clear this woman is an anti-cycling fascist liar. That’s a joke. Sort of. Watch the video and you’ll understand why I said that.

Then go read Bob Cesca’s great piece on why cycling isn’t the Great Satan.

I’m back on my bike after taking a stupid inertia-driven break from riding. After six weeks, I’m six pounds lighter and getting back in shape again. And yes, I ride in the bike lanes unless someone does something stupid like putting a sign in the middle of one. (I’m looking at YOU, City of Camarillo). There are totalitarian attitudes in government, for sure, but they don’t come from folks who ride bikes, for crying out loud.