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All Shook Up

So you know, when people make it their career to harass and harangue others instead of just moving on to their own happy place, it’s always good to know there’s a guy like @MiltShook out there ready to stand up and play contrarian. Milt champions kiddie porn collector Bill Talley first, then decides to tweet this from his blog Twitter account:

That link, should you follow it, would lead you to an image of a cease and desist letter Shoq’s lawyer sent to Jessica after the Twitter insanity just would not stop. It would lead you to her entreaty for Shoq to leave her alone despite the fact that she hasn’t been mentioned, contacted or otherwise discussed in months. The same, however, cannot be said of Jessica and her merry band of Twitterpals, who seem to spend hours on end discussing nothing but the guy she so desperately wants to disappear.

That cease and desist letter is what civilized people are supposed to do rather than running around the Internet trying to libel people and whining about how awful it is that another person breathes the same earthly air over and over and over, until it’s so well done it’s overexposed and boring. Civilized people don’t respond by taking the law into their own hands. They have the choice of putting up with having their reputation destroyed for ever and ever, amen, or else they hire a third party to ask the offending party to stop it, with fair warning that legal action will follow if they don’t.

You might think a guy who brags about knowing the law and working with lawyers would know this. It seems not.

Message to Milt: Taking appropriate steps to protect one’s reputation from wanton and constant smears is not being a pussy. It is choosing to avail oneself of applicable law instead of being an idiot and doing idiotic things. One would expect that to be easily understood. Surely there must be a way to set aside the butthurt long enough to figure out that the way to stop the madness is to just leave it in the past.

(musical interlude)

…If you’re looking back, you’ll never move your feet.

Milt? White knights are so fifteenth century.

Footnote: In case there is some doubt, this post is not about defending Shoq. It is about making a point, and that point is simple: Laws exist for a reason. There is nothing cowardly about following them. Nothing at all. Jessica is a big girl. She can handle herself without the army of knights rushing to her side. All she has to do, is…