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Good try, but no cigar, little troll

one-fingered-saluteI dedicate this image to Twitter’s “stellar” efforts to deal with harassment online (their words, not mine), and the idiot who thinks I’m intimidated by his spam attack on the site.

500,000 comments aren’t that tough to clean up, you jerk. Three mouse clicks and they’re history.

But if you keep using my copyrighted image to defame me, I will slap Twitter with a DMCA notice.

Nice try trying to pin the defamation label on me, by the way. From your tweets, one might think you were inspired by your pal Jeff Halevy, but I imagine NBC might have a problem with that, so I’m going to assume you’re a kid in his underwear sitting in the basement playing hacker games because…liberty. Or something.

Comments are off, so don’t even bother.

You’re a little late to the game, little man. I created this image in 2006 when hackers played their reindeer games the first time around. Go play on the information highway. Don’t let a drone bite your ass on the way out.