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I’m Karoli.

For years my career has centered around the care and feeding of online communities, including the original CNN community (1998-2000) as well as the WebMD communities and blogs (2001-2008). As tools for community management matured and evolved toward community self-moderation, there has been less demand for actual people to participate in the moderation process, so I transitioned to writing about politics, policy, and world affairs. I currently serve as managing editor for Crooks and Liars.

If you’re wondering why I go by my first name only here and on Twitter, it’s because my politics are mine alone, and shouldn’t belong to family members who may not share my views nor should have to wear them because of their relationship with me. This has not stopped some characters out there on the web from publishing all of those different names, from the one I was born with to the one I have now, and a couple in between. Still, I think there should be some line where my family is exempt, and so this blog bears my first name which is also the one that identifies me best.

In the pages of this site you will discover who I am, warts and all. I’ve experimented with separating the political from the personal, the personal from the passionate, the passionate from the photography, and it just didn’t work. I am an amalgamation of many interests, gifts, passions and opinions, and you’ll find them all here. For better or for worse.

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