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I began this blog as an experiment. It continues as one, but has evolved into a record of small snippets of my life, my interests, my passions and my curiosity. It will always be a work in process, an effort to stretch my knowledge of life, art, and the Internet. This is my statement of blogging principles which is intended to let readers know what foundations I have adopted for the content that I post here.


As a pseudononymous blogger, I feel especially convicted to be clear about why I blog anonymously and what blogging anonymously does and does not mean in the context of the entries in this blog.

I blog anonymously because I share information about my children, my children’s health issues, and my own health issues. Some of these issues involve mental health. It is my intention to protect me and my family from any stigma — past, present and future — that may result from discovery of our identities and cause damage or harm to us personally, academically, or in their career. If asked to reveal my identity last name privately for legitimate purposes, I will do so. Contact information will be publicly available for that purpose.

(Note: this section has been updated to reflect the change in my posting name to my first, but not last, name)


The purpose of this blog is to write about what interests me and by extension, what might interest readers. I do not limit myself to a narrow range of topics, instead choosing to write about subjects that inspire, vex, or interest me. The purpose of this blog is NOT: product sales, product development, career advancement, or other commercial ventures; however, there may be sponsored links posted occasionally and such sponsored links should not be construed as a violation of these principles. (See the Transparency section for an expanded explanation)

In areas where I am expressing my opinion, I will strive to be clear that it is opinion only. Similarly, where I am stating facts, I will strive to support those statements with documented evidence from reliable sources.


Just as I expect for my anonymity to be respected by others, I respect the privacy of others. This means that I will not write about people or events in a way that would violate their privacy or reveal their identity. I will not publish email addresses or IP addresses, unless there is a clear legal reason to do so and law enforcement authorities have been alerted. If a personal story is revealed on a public blog, I may choose to include reference to it in an entry here.

In addition to the specific principles outlined above, the Online Integrity Statement of Principles is incorporated and adopted by reference.


The underpinning for these principles is my profound love and respect for the Internet as a living entity, a source of interaction, information, art and community. My participation and posting on this blog shall be consistent with that philosophy at all times.


Please see my disclosure policy regarding sponsored content.

My criteria for choosing sponsored posts to write are as follows:

  1. Have I actually investigated the product, site, link, information personally? The answer must be yes.
  2. Would the product, site, link or information be of interest to people interested in this blog? The answer must be yes.
  3. Would I write this post even if I were not paid, and would I write it in the same voice and tone? The answer must be yes.
  4. Do I believe that readers and visitors might benefit in some way from what I’m writing about? The answer to that must at least be a strong “maybe”. Benefitting might be learning, discovering, or helping solve a specific problem.

If I cannot answer all three of the first three questions in the affirmative, I will not link or post it on this blog.

No advertising or sponsored links of any kind will be accepted on my political blog.

Changed 5/10/08: BlogHer Ads only will be accepted on my political blog for purposes of earning funds to attend the Democratic National Convention in August, 2008.

Right Speech and Comments

I will not delete comments which disagree with or differ with my point of view. Generally, I will not delete comments which contain words deemed to be obscene. I strive not to use obscenities but reserve the right to use them if I so choose. This blog should not be considered child-safe for that reason.

I will delete posts which are spam, trackback spam, insulting to other readers and/or commenters, or which violate the general policies of this blog. Spam detection software has been installed to stop spam comments. Occasionally comments may be misinterpreted as spam by the software. I will endeavor to review and unlock any legitimate comments caught in the filter.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

All material on this site, including audio, video, writings, artwork and other intellectual property which has been created by me is copyrighted material which cannot be duplicated or used without my permission. All photo images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License and may be used in accordance with said license by not-for-profit organizations.

Any material posted on this site which has been created by others will be credited to the creator and accompanied by a direct link back to their original works. No material will be posted for purposes of personal profit or promotion, but instead as a way to share unique and original work with readers of this blog with the intention of highlighting those artists.

All quotes of other material will be accompanied by a link where possible and shall be limited to a length considered to be fair use under current copyright laws.

Editing, Changing, Archiving and Deleting Posts

I reserve the right to edit, change, update, archive or delete any post on this site. Edits which change the context or meaning of a post will be disclosed, as will updates added to any post. It is not anticipated that any posts will be deleted, but if they should be deleted the reason for their deletion will be disclosed.

Comments made by others will never be edited by me.

Comment Policy

It is my intention to allow commenters to remain anonymous and not force disclosure of email addresses or private information, provided there is no abuse on their part of this site or the content of the site. I reserve the right to ban specific IPs for abuse, to close comments on archived posts, to moderate comments, or close comments entirely if evidence of abuse, efforts at denial of service or site destruction is detected.


I reserve the right to change this statement of principles for purposes of augmenting or clarifying existing principles posted on this page. If circumstances dictate substantial changes, those changes will be disclosed via blog post and dated edits appended to this page.

If I am asked to remove content or links by a content creator with rights to the material, I will comply immediately.


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