Arrest Greenwald? What Nonsense! I’ll start with this: It bothers me when anyone says a reporter should be arrested for reporting what is a newsworthy story. It bothers me more than knowing that if I were to email someone in Pakistan or Russia or China those emails might be captured by one of four NSA […]


Back in March, Talley left this comment on my original post about his conviction for possession of child pornography: Today he was sentenced to one year in jail and eight years probation for possession of child porn. According to Matt Osborne, who was present at the sentencing, the light sentence was due to the timing […]

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It has burned through at least 18,000 acres, including Sycamore Canyon and Wood Canyon, which used to have deer, bobcats, butterflies and wildflowers in them. Now I’m sure they’re a charred mess. I don’t even want to know what they look like, to be honest. I’m pissed that our firefighters didn’t have the resources they […]