intact heart on a broken road

by Karoli on September 15, 2011 · 99 comments

Summer ceded to Autumn in the span of mere hours ahead of schedule. It goes like that. One day, this way The next, that. Different signal colors atop Crumbling infrastructure. Seasons altered by misdirected currents Sweeping away one way For the next. As Summer lay down Among thistles and weeds Her intact heart lay just […]


Post image for Why Snooki should be inflating penile implants and Jane Devin should be paid Snooki’s advance

We all have a story. We all have a quilt. Few of us have one with such complex threads. Jane has that, and much more. She has woven a masterpiece inside 144,000 words (which is about 593 pages in manuscript form), braided with the hands of a master craftswoman. What Jane does not have, however, […]


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The world is a blinders-on march, not a free-for-all dance. Below the Surface of Observations & Detractors. There are few writers to be found who write with the raw honesty of Jane Devin. Whether she’s on the road finding her America or working out a lost childhood and more recent bruising relationship, her writing is […]