Naked emperor is naked

by Karoli on November 28, 2012 · 188 comments

Via Breitbart Unmasked, it appears that Aaron Walker’s effort to fund his future by suing the hell out of Brett Kimberlin has been put to an end by a federal judge who basically said there was no there, there. Just intense political disputes which we all know were not the reason Aaron Walker lost his […]


This guest post is by twitter user @expatina. As a journalist who doesn’t have a blog and is in no way other than opinions involved in politics, I rarely comment on any of the Twitter Wars. My remarks on the one by a cast of way too any against Matt Edelstein have been few and […]


Excuse me if I don’t get too flustered over that VM everyone went ballistic over. This was the topper on weeks of constant haranguing and noise about “abuse.” But when this went up, crickets. Not a sound could be heard anywhere. Evidently it’s only bullying when a voicemail gets left. When someone wishes death by […]