As far as I’m concerned, Joe Lieberman became a waste of breath the day he stood against the very same party that nominated and paid for him to run for Vice President and endorsed John McCain over Barack Obama. Not just endorsed, actually… he even advised him. I’m certain he knows this. I’m even more […]


Julie Amero: Unjust Justice

by Karoli on November 22, 2008 · 326 comments

I am thrilled that Julie Amero has no more felony charges hanging over her head. And she is thrilled, too. But you should know that no justice was done here. None whatsoever. Justice would have been full exoneration with a deep, heartfelt apology from the prosecutor for not fully investigating the possibility that malware had […]


I just heard from Alex Eckleberry that the charges against Julie Amero were dropped to disorderly conduct. $100 gets Julie her name and her freedom. More when DG is done dancing and I can get a reliable internet connection. Rick Green’s report is here: