I spent an hour on the phone earlier in a conference call with James Marple, senior economist with TD Bank. Here are my notes. They’re rough… I haven’t polished them up, but it gives you a pretty decent overview of what he views with regard to deficits, debt, and the current debate. Bullets: Overall: GDP […]


For weeks now we’ve heard about how urgent it is to get a debt ceiling deal done — a deal that should include only spending cuts according to Republicans, and should include tax increases according to Democrats. Here’s a key piece of the President’s press conference today: OBAMA: If not now, when? We keep on […]


Despite the small nuclear explosion that left fallout all over the blogosphere, the President’s plan to freeze spending for three years is a sound one. The more I read, the more sense it makes to do it. More importantly, not doing it carries far more risk of damage to the economy than the reverse, not […]